Ai Hayasaka Costume

Ai Hayasaka Cosplay

Dress Like Ai Hayasaka From Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Dress Like Ai Hayasaka From Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Dress Like Ai Hayasaka From Kaguya-sama: Love Is War;

Ai Hayasaka Unform: You can diy her uniform, you just need white dress shirt or one piece shirt and black V neck mini dress.

Ai Hayasaka Jacket: Just get a brownish zip up hoodie.

Ai Hayasaka Accessories: She does't use much accessories so you just need beaded necklace and blue hair scrunchies which matches her eye color.

Ai Hayasaka Shoes: Her shoes are flat mostly white and darker on toes and as for socks she prefers black under the knee socks.

Ai Hayasaka Costume

Ai Hayasaka Costume

Ai is a pretty young girl with blonde hair, usually tied up with a blue hair tie and blue eyes on the left side of her head. She changes her appearance and choice of clothing to adapt to different roles and perform her duties as Kaguya's valet.

Ai Hayasaka Halloween Costume

She wears a maid outfit when she takes care of the Shinomiya household, and as a student at the Shuchi'in Academy, she wears a modified high school uniform that corresponds to Kogal fashion and a sweater that fits around her waist wraps . As Haysaca-Chan she wears a Firis Girls Ocean Sailor uniform with her hair down and a small braid on the right side, while as Haysaca-kun she wears a butler uniform and a short black hair wig.

About Ai Hayasaka

Despite her young age, Ai has the ability to quickly switch to different types of personalities to suit different situations and scenarios. She has four different personalities who, in addition to a specific purpose, have their own background and training.

As a maid, she is thoughtful and does her job perfectly, and although she occasionally grieves her lover over her absurd demands, she still loves her very much. In her school dress, she is a fashion-conscious schoolgirl with a penchant for breaking the rules, and her liveliness is her trademark. The anti-Miyuki version, Haysaca-chan, is a stag-eye maneater that picks up men in Roponggi and Azabu and fools them. Haysaca-kun exists to counter the unpredictable Chika Fujiwara and has the back story of an Irish orphan who later graduated from Harvard and then ended up as a butler who becomes a crybaby when he recalls his past.

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