Aki Hayakawa Costume

Aki Hayakawa Costume

You need the following items for your Aki Hayakawa Halloween Costume:

Aki Hayakawa was a handsome young man with medium-length black-blue hair and blue eyes. He usually wore his hair in a top knot style. He often wore the Public Safety Devil Hunter's suit and tie. He also wore earrings and usually carried his sword on his back.

Cosplay Aki Hayakawa by dressing up in a suit and tie. You can also consider a ready-made costume to complete your awesome Aki Hayakawa Halloween costume.

You can have more fun with friends and family. Get the wonder together by dressing her up as the other Chainsaw Man alongside Aki Hayakawa for a great group costume.

How To Dress Like Aki Hayakawa From Chainsaw Man

Aki Hayakawa Chainsaw Man Halloween Costume

Dress like Aki Hayakawa from Chainsaw Man;

Aki Hayakawa Costume Chainsaw Man Belt: #1 baseball/softball uniform white belt.

Aki Hayakawa Wigs: #2 Hayakawa Aki black wig, #4 short straight blue cosplay clip-in wig.

Aki Hayakawa Earring: #3 Baltic amber stud earrings.

Aki Hayakawa Costume Shirt: #5 white long sleeve slim fit dress shirt.

Aki Hayakawa Suit: #6 black slim fit 2 piece suit.

Aki Hayakawa Necktie: #7 black solid satin tie pure color necktie.

Aki Hayakawa Sword: #8 full tang 41-inch Katana handmade Samurai sword.

Aki Hayakawa Costume Outwear: #9 black wool blend trench coat winter long double breasted overcoat.

Aki Hayakawa Sword Harness: #10 weapon carry case.

Aki Hayakawa Costume Set:# 11 Chainsaw Man AKI Hayakawa set.

Aki Hayakawa Costume Lens: #12 blue Manson Halloween eyes.

Aki Hayakawa Converse: #13 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star stripes sneaker.

Aki Hayakawa Halloween Costume

Aki Hayakawa Chainsaw Man Cosplay

Aki Hayakawa Costume: To get the Aki Hayakawa look, buy dressy shoes from a local retail store if you don't already have them. You can buy Aki Hayakawa's helmet and wig online, and last but not least, you can look for his sword at your local costume store to complete your Aki Hayakawa look.

After the Gun Devil took over his body, he became the Gun Fiend. His hair was open with his eyes and his forehead was covered with dark veins. The barrel and bolt of an M1911 poked out of his face between his eyes, and the gun's hammer poked out of the back of his head. Aki's left forearm was replaced with an M16A1.

Aki Hayakawa Cosplay

Aki seems to be a very stoic person in general. He acts adult and sometimes so outspoken that he's rude to his fellow few hunters, but he's actually quite soft-hearted. He tends to get attached to others easily and hates when people get hurt, especially his close friends.

Unlike many of his associates, he is described by Himeno as a "normal person" in the sense that he still grieves for the loss and is not jaded enough to shut off his emotions. He is quite willing to risk his own life to save others, despite his own fear of death and even jeopardizing his ultimate goal.

He doesn't like people who don't take their devil hunter job seriously or who are fighting for a shallow and material goal like money or, in Denji's case, being able to touch some breasts, which is the main reason for him and Denji not to.

Don’t understand at first. Aki is also ruthless, stating that he is always out to make the devils he kills suffer in order to bring them a slow and painful death. He can intimidate those he still doesn't trust enough, like when he threatened Denji, telling him that if he either betrayed them or sided with other devils, he would kill him without hesitation.

His cold detachment is a facade and he was seen crying over the deaths of his comrades like Himeno and he increasingly cared for Denji and Power enough to try to give up his vendetta to protect them.

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