Akira Otoishi Costume

Akira Otoishi Costume

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How To Dress Like Akira Otoishi From Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Akira Otoishi Jojo's Bizarre Halloween Costume

Dress like Akira Otoishi From Jojo's Bizarre Adventure;

Akira Otoishi Costume Jacket & Coat: #1 gothic Victorian tailcoat tuxedo blazer jacket, #3 blazer jacket.

Akira Otoishi Costume Vest: #4 double breasted waistcoat.

Akira Otoishi Costume Accessories: #5 cuff bangle bracelet, #9 flat back round acrylic rhinestones plastic circle gem, #8 AC DC logo vynil car sticker decal, #10 1408 pieces adhesive iron letters numbers 0.75 inch patch, #12 statement necklace African national choker collar.

Akira Otoishi Costume Suit: #2 orange spandex one piece full body suit.

Akira Otoishi Guitar: #6 Fender player Stratocaster electric HSS guitar.

Akira Otoishi Costume Makeup: #7 purple luscious mattes lipstick, #15 metallic face paint stick/body crayon makeup face & body.

Akira Otoishi Costume Full: #11 JoJo’s bizarre diamond unbreakable Akira Otoishi cosplay.

Akira Otoishi Pant: #13 slim fit solid color skinny wedding suit trouser.

Akira Otoishi Costume Wig: #14 purple long wavy curly hair wig.

Akira Otoishi Boot: #16 black brown lace up zipper oxford leather ankle dress boot.

Akira Otoishi Halloween Costume

Akira Otoishi Jojo's Bizarre Cosplay

Otoishi is a 19-year-old man of average to above-average height. He has long, wavy, purple hair. A lightning bolt-shaped scar (or tattoo given their color) crosses the left side of his face vertically from his forehead through his left eye to his jaw.

He wears a dark jacket; the right sleeve bears the words "AC" and the left sleeve "DC", along with a vest, tight pants, and boots. He also frequently carries an electric guitar, with designs varying between the Fender Telecaster and Fender Stratocaster.

Akira Otoishi Cosplay

Very self-centered, Otoishi uses his newfound power to steal from various people and wreak havoc throughout the city, even killing anyone who gets in his way without hesitation. He is dedicated to his craft as a musician; also longs for recognition or fame as a rock star. After his release from prison, he will continue to pursue this goal. Otoishi expresses himself through his guitar and, for example, channels his anger towards Josuke for breaking his little finger.

Josuke describes him as an intellectual coward who hides until he knows he can hit or kill someone. Although cautious, there are times when he slips or gets cocky. For example, when he called Jotaro to get him to leave, he accidentally mentioned that he was a student. When Otoishi first confronted Josuke, he underestimated Josuke's power and later made the exact same mistake when he personally faced Josuke a second time at the pier. Despite this, he has the ability to learn from his mistakes, as he himself proclaims.

Due to the nature of his stance, he is confident, intelligent enough to use his abilities to the maximum, and reasonably adept at manipulation, as evidenced by his fight with Okuyasu. Despite being intelligent, he often overlooks small details that could lead to his downfall, as evidenced by his fight with Josuke. After being sent to prison, he seems to have improved and no longer causes problems, as shown in Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan.

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