Albedo Costume

Albedo Costume

You need the following items for your Halloween Albedo costume:

  1. Albedo Wig
  2. Albedo Cosplay Costume
  3. Ocean Blue Eyes
  4. Albedo Sword
  5. Albedo Cosplay Boots

How To Dress Like Albedo From Genshin Impact

Albedo Cosplay

Albedo Costume by Genshin Impact;

Albedo is a young man with bright blue-green eyes with three dots in his irises and pale skin. He has ash-gray light brown hair that falls past his shoulders and is partially tied back in a braided half ponytail. There is a gold diamond mark on his neck.

Albedo wears a long white coat with short sleeves and a black hood. Underneath he wears an indigo blue shirt and a pair of black shorts, black over-the-knee boots with silver accents, and long black gloves. He carries his vision just below the collar of his shirt. His outfit, Newmoon Starlight, is described as the alchemist uniform of the Knights of Favonius.

Albedo Cosplay

Albedo Halloween Costume

Albedo, who has become famous for his alchemical talents, is a reclusive human who spends most of his time in Dragonspine and has a high tolerance for the cold. He dislikes most social interactions, finding them stressful, and thus rarely travels to the city of Mondstadt except to meet up with his fellow alchemists or other acquaintances. He prefers to be with children, especially Klee and sees her as a younger sister.

Fueled by the feeling of enlightenment, he explores the things that pique his interest, and once that feeling is gone, either by uncovering his truth or otherwise, he loses all interest, leaving a bittersweet feeling in his head. Besides his alchemical genius, Albedo is also a respectable artist. Having first learned the talent as a tool in his experiments, he now sees it as a form of relaxation. He is Xingqiu's illustrator and thinks he is a good writer.

Halloween Albedo Costume

As upbeat as he seems, the people of Mondstadt don't know about his private life and he's particularly secretive. For the Traveler, he doesn't mind sharing most of his secrets with them as he feels a kind of kinship as they are both not from Teyvat, he is an artificial life form and the Traveler is a visitor from afar. He considers himself dangerous due to his knowledge of the Art of Khemia, of which Venti and Dainsleif are only too aware.

Despite his great achievements in the field of alchemy, he is not quick to talk about the nature of things. He wanders among ordinary people who are unaware of the various truths of this world and treats them with nothing but sincerity and kindness. Polite and graceful, he appears withdrawn on the surface but never hesitates to help. Whether you are far behind or he has just become friends with you, he always finds time to draw an exquisite portrait for a friend.

The chief alchemist of the Knights of Favonius, Albedo, is a truly remarkable young man. Everyone admires his scientific achievements - citizens of Mondstadt and members of the Knights of Favonius alike. "Genius," "Chalk Prince," or "Captain of the Investigative Team"... Such titles and honors mean nothing to him when so much more research is at stake. The quest for wealth and connection cannot be reconciled with his heart's desire - to acquire the limitless, mysterious knowledge bequeathed by previous generations of scholars.

Alchemy is an ancient art and many of its secrets have been lost to history. The few known alchemy techniques available today are enough to put together a few shards and save you the money you would otherwise have spent on the glue. "No, alchemy is not such an undignified art!" At least most alchemists would disagree.

But for the average citizen of Mondstadt, that was alchemy. At least until the day Albedo suddenly showed up and decided to stay in Mondstadt. This young man demonstrated the true skills of alchemy to all, bringing with him a vast knowledge not even possessed by the Sumeru Academy. “The universe is heaven inverted, and earth is a dream lost to time. This is dust, the most basic form of complex life.”

As if to provide evidence for this claim, Albedo raised the burned ashes of the flower that once grew on the head of a dendro slime.

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