Aoi Akane Costume

Aoi Akane Costume

You need the following items for your Aoi Akane Halloween Costume:

  1. Aoi Akane Wig
  2. Indigo Eyes
  3. Aoi Akane Kimono
  4. Aoi Akane Cosplay Costume
  5. Opaque Knee High Socks
  6. Aoi Akane Cosplay Shoes

Akane Aoi is a first year student at Kamome Academy's High School Division and Nene's best friend. She is first used in the storyline to introduce supernatural rumors to Nene.

How To Dress Like Aoi Akane From Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Aoi Akane Halloween Costume

Dress Like Aoi Akane From Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Aoi is a sweet, petite girl with indigo hair and eyes. She keeps her hair tied in two circular sections behind her head. Her bangs are loosely parted to frame her face, and two thin, wavy strands of hair fall across her chest. She wears the regular Kamome Academy uniform.

As Kannagi, she is shown by Wizards #6 in traditional attire befitting the victim. She wears two magenta flowers in her hair, a light green coat, and a black hakama tied behind her with a large bow. In chapter 69, she used the hem of her dress as a bandage to wrap Akane's wound in his abdomen.

She was given a protective charm by Teru, a woven bracelet with a bell and a tassel at the end.

Aoi Akane Halloween Costume

Aoi Akane Cosplay

Aoi is a sweet and cheerful person who is very close to her friend Nene. Despite claiming to dislike scary stories, she continues to delve into them to cheer up Nene, knowing that Nene likes her. Given her eagerness to present the stories and her constant involvement with the stories, she might have some interest in it herself.

She is shown to adore romance, as evidenced by her enthusiastic support of Nene's romantic endeavors and her enjoyment of talking about crushes. Despite her continued rejection of his advances, she was also quite jealous and upset when her childhood friend Akane seemingly started dating someone else.

Aoi Akane Cosplay

Aoi is also good with words and can get people to do what she wants with just a little nudge. She is particularly harsh on Akane, denying every single one of her love confessions while smiling happily.

Due to her looks, Aoi could be considered the female counterpart of Teru as the Queen of Popularity in Kamome Academy. She stands left and right, but easily rebuffs all her admirers.

Aoi's true personality reveals that she is a person who looks down on others, as Akane said. Despite this, Aoi doesn't think much of herself either, and dons a constant mask of perfection to be liked. This backfires when she believes that others will only be disappointed when they find out about her mistakes, causing her to become bitter and resentful towards all of her classmates, forcing them to suppress all of their negative emotions and traits.

Aoi believes that Akane's feelings are focused on her fake self and that the "real" she is not good enough for his love. Aoi feels like she doesn't trust or depend on anyone while all her loved ones are fooling her and no one understands or cares who she really is. Ultimately, Aoi is a deeply lonely and unhappy person.

As revealed in Chapter 64, Aoi has always wanted to go "far away", which is why she agreed to help No.6. Akane claims the reason she wanted to leave this world was because she was afraid that sooner or later everyone would discover her true, genuine side and turn against her. Although Aoi assumed he wasn't aware of this, Akane admits that Aoi tended to look down on people when he had an advantage. She refused to confide or become intimately involved with others, even if it meant playing a role in Nene's presence.

She no longer puts on a cheerful facade in the later chapters, but of course still has friendly intentions while treating Akane's wound. She also gets very emotional after her argument with Akane and tries to run away. When he reveals to her that he knew her true personality all along and still cared about her, Aoi starts crying and finally understands that Akane loves her just the way she is. When she is trapped on the Far Shore, Aoi's biggest regret is that she never said "I like you too" to Akane until the end.

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