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Aoi Asahina Costume

How To Dress Like Aoi Asahina From Danganronpa

Aoi Asahina - Danganronpa Cosplay

Dress like Aoi Asahina from Danganronpa;

Aoi Asahina Costume: Track jacket, lightweight jacket, stretch cotton cami, casual walking shoes, copper compression socks, long curly wig, red pair knee, light sky blue eyes lenses, athletic shorts, yoga gym shorts.

At the beginning of Killing School Life in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Aoi appears to be a young teenager of high school age. But closer to their late teens or early 20s due to memory loss. Aoi is the smallest woman in Danganronpa. She has a slim but curvy physique.

Aoi Asahina Halloween Costume

Aoi Asahina - Danganronpa Halloween Costume

She has blue eyes, brown skin, and wears her brown hair in a curled ponytail, which is decorated with a paper clip. She wears hot pants with the Hope's Peak Academy logo and blue dolphins, green sneakers, a red tracksuit, a white tank top, and a jacket with white piping.

She wears white knee-high socks, a red knee bandage over her right knee, and a Band-Aid on her left knee. She swims in a typical blue swimsuit for high school girls with her last name written in kanji on the front.

After leaving Hope's Peak Academy and joining the Future Foundation, Aoi wears a modified version of the Foundation's standard women's business uniform, wearing shorts and a green time instead of a skirt.

Her suit jacket and shirt. She is wearing a white tank top. She still wears her hair in a ponytail. But it's considerably longer, suggesting her hair has grown over the years.

Aoi Asahina Cosplay

Aoi Asahina is the Hina of another name. She is a student at Hope's Peak Academy and a participant in Killing School Life in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Her title is Ultimate Swimming Pro lit.

Years later, she participates in the Final Killing Game in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School with the directors of the Future Foundation. Aoi is a friendly, happy, warm, optimistic, and open-minded girl.

He greets everyone he meets and tries to make friends with everyone. Aoi can be quite reckless and forgetful and relies on her memory trick of writing people's names on her hand three times to remember them - a trick she also taught Yuta. Because he is so quick, he can easily be manipulated by others and jump to conclusions or take them at face value.

He's often one of the few to fall for killer tricks and cheat on classroom exams. Aoi is an extremely athletic person and sees this as an absolutely essential part of herself, uses it as an important coping mechanism in her daily life, and feels that if she couldn't exercise she might "die".

Although Aoi is the top athlete running for an Olympic swimmer. Aoi is unsure if her athletic pursuits, which are considered very masculine pursuits, have made her undesirable to others and resulted in her never finding love. He also worries that his excessive sweetness, especially his love of donut-eating, will make him fat.

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