Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man Costume

Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man Costume

You need the following items for your Asa Mitaka Halloween Costume:

At first, Asa is an unsociable and quiet girl. She dislikes her school and wishes she would drop dead and study instead of making friends.

Cosplay Asa Mitaka by dressing up with a school uniform, socks, a black wig, and her shoes. You can also consider a ready-made costume to complete your Asa Mitaka Halloween costume.

You can have more fun with friends and family. Get the wonder together by dressing her up as the other Chainsaw Man alongside Asa Mitaka for a great group costume.

How To Dress Like Asa Mitaka From Chainsaw Man

Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man Halloween Costume

Dress like Asa Mitaka from Chainsaw Man;

Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man Costume Wig: #1 long black straight-hair anime wig ponytails.

Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man Costume Shirt: #3 formal work wear a white shirt.

Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man Costume Dress: #8 slim sleeveless scoop neck A-line flare sun black dress.

Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man Costume Belt: #4 black vintage wide elastic cinch dress waistband.

Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man Costume Tie: #2 Japanese black ribbon long pre-adjustable necktie bowtie.

Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man Costume Sock: #5 black flat knit knee-high sock.

Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man Costume Set: #6 Chainsaw Man all characters cosplay.

Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man Costume Shoe: #7 white high-top canvas sneaker.

Asa Mitaka Halloween Costume

Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man Cosplay

Asa Mitaka Costume: To make Asa Mitaka look like this, purchase a pleated dress and shirt from a local retail store if you don't already have them. You can buy Asa Mitaka's sneakers and wigs online, and last but not least, you can look at your local costume store for a waistband to complete your Asa Mitaka look.

Asa is a high school girl of average build and height. She has brown eyes and black hair that is sometimes dyed purple. Her hair is just above shoulder length and she wears it in two low double tails. When possessed by the war devil, her appearance changes slightly. Her hair is usually worn loose, multiple scars appear on her left cheek and nose, and her eyes have a spiral pattern resembling Makima's.

She wears the same school uniform as the other girls in her class. The uniform consists of a long-sleeved, buttoned shirt worn under a dungaree dress with a pleated skirt that falls below the knee, a bow at the collar, a wide belt at the waist, and black knee-high socks. She also wears sneakers.

Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man Cosplay

Asa Mitaka doesn't like demons because her parents were killed by one. Asa later realizes that she was really jealous of her peers and wanted to mingle with them. She wants to live more selfishly and have the things she desires like friends and a boyfriend.

She becomes the war devil's hostess, gets a second chance at life, and is saved by Chainsaw Man, she is not that negative towards other people or towards all devils. She appreciates that Chainsaw Man saved her life, but is still willing to work with Yoru to defeat him.

Although Asa wants to live more selfishly, she is quite altruistic and puts herself in danger to save others even when she is scared. She believes it’s okay to make mistakes as long as her heart is in the right place.

Asa is very aware that she is a clumsy person, which was shown at several important points in her life when she would trip and fall, most notably when her house was destroyed by the typhoon devil and her mother sacrificed herself after Asa fell while trying to save a cat. Asa feels guilt and incredible pain over the death of her mother and the circumstances surrounding it.

She can also be prone to embarrassment and becomes nervous when dealing with awkward situations, such as when she and Yoshida met shortly after Yoru while possessing her, attempted to turn against him.

When Yoru is in control of her body, Yoru's personality takes over.

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