Ash Ketchum Costume

Ash Ketchum Costume

You need the following items for your Ash Ketchum Halloween costume:

  1. Ash Ketchum Jacket, Gloves, Hat Set
  2. Lee Classic Fit Jeans
  3. Poke Ball
  4. Pikachu Plush
  5. PUMA Men's Roma Basic Sneaker

Dress Like Ash Ketchum From Pokemon

Dress like Ash Ketchum from Pokemon

Dress like Ash Ketchum from Pokemon;

Ash Ketchum Jacket: Ash's outfit changed through the series. As the most famous pokemon trainer you need Ash's jacket which is blue and white and short-sleeved.

Ash Ketchum Jeans: Ash wears a pair of light blue classic fit jeans.

Ash Ketchum Shoes: Ash's sneakers are white and black.

Ash Ketchum Accessories: To complete your Ash Ketchum cosplay costume don't forget to get a pokemon ball and Pikachu plush.


Ash Ketchum Cosplay

Ash Ketchum Cosplay

Ash wears a white and blue short sleeve jacket with gold trim, a dark teal shirt with a white collar and sleeves, blue jeans with light blue cuffs, black and white sneakers with red dots, green fingerless gloves with light green edging. and a red-white cap with a green stylized "L".

Ash Ketchum Halloween Costume

Ash is a skinny, slender boy with dark black hair, light tan skin, and brown eyes with two lightning-like markings underneath each. Ash's pupils weren't visible during the Indigo League and throughout the Diamond & Pearl series until the Best Wishes sequence made them deeper and more distinctive.

While Ash wears several different outfits, he always wears a baseball cap that changes according to the region he's in. Hatless, Ash is shown with a hoodie and a tight, triangular, edgy strand of hair in the middle. forehead from a point on the right.

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