Aya Tademaru Cosplay

Aya Tademaru Cosplay

You need the following items for your Aya Tademaru Halloween costume:

  1. Pink Hooded Sweatshirt
  2. Everyday Bras
  3. Light-Pink Long Curly Wig
  4. Mini Jean Shorts
  5. Spider Web
  6. Leather Choker Necklace
  7. Black Socks
  8. Red-White Casual Shoes

Aya Tademaru is a young girl with long, light-pink hair. She is wearing a short-sleeved pink dress with a collar. She also wears a crop top and a pink jacket that matches her hair color and short denim shorts. Aya Tademaru is also seen wearing red sneakers.

Later in the manga, Aya cuts off her ponytail and gives it to Kabane. She says it can heal minor injuries and doesn't seem to care much about her falling hair.


How To Dress Like Aya Tademaru From Kemono Jihen

Aya Tademaru Halloween Cosplay Outfit Costume

Dress like Aya Tademaru;

Aya Tademaru Costume: For your Aya Tademaru Halloween costume, you will need a pink hooded sweatshirt, everyday bras, mini jean shorts, black socks and red-white casual shoes.

Aya Tademaru Accessories: To complete your Aya Tademarulook, don't forget to get a light-pink long curly wig, a spider web and last but not least, a leather choker necklace.


Aya Tademaru Halloween Cosplay Costume

Aya Tademura Costume

Gender: Female

Age: 8 years old Date of Birth: November 22

Height: 121 cm

Weight: 19 Kg

Favorite fashion style: Cool, sporty

Aya Tademaru is the result of many experiments of Akio to be able to create healing silk. She was born with the ability to heal with threaded powers.

When Aya Tademaru first met, she seemed shy, introverted, and innocent to those around her. However, for Shiki in particular, it quickly turns out to be quite self-confident, over-talking, and arrogant. Although described as obnoxious by others, Aya is kind, gentle, and often tries to help those who need her talents. Aya Tademaru is mature and intelligent far beyond her age, possibly as a result of her upbringing in a harsh environment. She's also very precocious and makes several advances in Kabane that the latter were unaware of.


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