Cassie Howard Costume Shameless 70

Cassie Howard Costume

Other Items Worn By Cassie From Euphoria

Cassie Howard Bathing Suit
Cassie Howard's Front Knot Bikini Set
Cassie Howard's Off Shoulder Top
Cassie Howard's Cami Tank Top
Cassie Howard's Deep V-Neck Top
Cassie Howard's Pink Jacket
Cassie Howard's Bodycon Mini Dress
Cassie Howard's Gray Sweatshirt
Cassie Howard's Ice Blue Jean
Cassie Howard Nike Sneakers
Cassie Howard's Ankle Boots
Cassie Howard's Rimless Sunglasses
Cassie Howard's Pearl Clutch Bag
Cassie Howard's Face Massager
Cassie Howard's Ice Roller

How To Dress Like Cassie Howard From Euphoria

Cassie Howard- Euphoria Cosplay

Dress like Cassie Howard from Euphoria; Cassie Howard's costume consists of a cow print miniskirt and a turquoise lace bra. Cassie's bra is Freya's Longline Fanties shameless bra. Cassie's Skirt is a Funk Therapy miniskirt from Delias from Dolls Kill.

The bra can be worn to achieve Cassie's look. Your costume rivals will vanish when you enter the house party.  And finally, you need a wig to complete your Cassie Howard Halloween costume. Be the dancer you were born to be with this '70s-inspired wig.

Cassie Howard Outfits

Cassie Howard- Euphoria Haloween Costume

Cassie has light brown hair and blue eyes. She has a nice body of medium length. Cassie mostly wears blue clothes in the TV series. Because the blue color tells the sadness and loneliness of the character. She does simple makeup with mascara, gloss, and eyeliner. She has blue color makeup on Halloween. She parts her hair slightly to the side. She had her hair tied in a ponytail when she was younger.

Cassie Howard Halloween Costume

Euphoria's Cassie Howard is the character who constantly reminds us to never give up on love, no matter what obstacles life throws our way. Cassie definitely had the sexiest style of any character on the show, and you can often see her in a pink frilly mini dress, a pink frilly top with jeans, and some sneakers. Wear a cute white or pink crochet crop top, high-waisted blue jeans, and white Keds or low-top Nike sneakers to dress up like Cassie for the day. Wear your hair in loose curls or in a low bun at the nape. You can also braid some of your hair forward and pin it to the side of your head.

For daytime makeup that looks like Cassie's, choose a neutral eyeshadow and a thin black eyeliner. For a night out look like Cassie's, opt for something firmer or sparkly. Cassie is known for her eye-catching crop tops, like her little blue number in the Mardi Gras episode. Don't be afraid to show your figure.

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