Chainsaw Man Angel Devil Costume

Chainsaw Man Angel Devil Costume

You need the following items for your Angel Devil Halloween Costume:

How To Dress Like Angel Devil From Chainsaw Man

Angel Devil Chainsaw Man Halloween Costume

Dress like Angel Devil from Chainsaw Man;

Chainsaw Man Angel Devil Costume Accessories: #1 white angel wing, #3 Bladesusa SW-799 medieval short sword, 14" overall, #5 red mesh sclera eye.

Chainsaw Man Angel Devil Costume Wig: #2 Angel Devil unisex long dark orange heat-resistant synthetic hair wig.

Chainsaw Man Angel Devil Costume: #4 Angel Devil costume Halloween full set suit.

Chainsaw Man Angel Devil Costume Sneaker: #6 Adidas Originals Superstar sneaker.

Angel Devil Halloween Costume

Angel Devil Chainsaw Man Cosplay

Angel is a young androgynous man wearing a safety suit. He has shoulder-length hair, which is depicted as red in the officially dyed manga, with a halo floating above it, and white wings on his upper back.

Angel Devil Cosplay

The Angel Devil is a unique case among devils in that it has virtually no animosity towards humans. He considers himself a devil first and an angel second, stating that he believes humans should die in pain. He later apologizes for and comforts certain people in their deaths, and suggests a form of affection for people that he believes is the result of belonging to Angel.

He dislikes being bossed around and seems to have an aversion to fights, preferring to take an unconscious enemy outside rather than continue fighting. His extreme laziness keeps him from being a strong fighter and he often refuses to work, even claiming he would rather die for work. He shows some reluctance to need to use his abilities, apologizing to the people whose lifespans he stole when he uses their lifespans to craft weapons.

He enjoys soft serve ice cream, eating three ice cream cones in one sitting and asking for another, but has shown a willingness to eat anything, including zombie meat and the corpse of a mean devil.

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