Chainsaw Man Pochita Costume

Chainsaw Man Pochita Costume

You need the following items for your Pochita Halloween Costume:

How To Dress Like Pochita From Chainsaw Man

Pochita Chainsaw Man Halloween Costume

Dress like Pochita from Chainsaw Man;

Chainsaw Man Pochita Costume Pant: #1 orange tactical military cargo pant.

Chainsaw Man Pochita Costume Top: #2 orange Pochita hoodie Chainsaw man long-sleeve sweatshirt.

Chainsaw Man Pochita Costume Cloak: #3 soft orange Pochita cloak, #5 Chainsaw Man cloak blanket cape.

Chainsaw Man Pochita Costume Mask: #4 Chainsaw Man Pochita Demon Killer hat plush soft warm headgear, #7 bloody Pochita Chainsaw Man Denji helmet.

Chainsaw Man Pochita Toy: #6 Pochita plush doll.

Chainsaw Man Pochita Costume Pet Cloak: #8 Pochita pet cloak Chainsaw small dog cat.

Pochita Halloween Costume

Pochita Chainsaw Man Cosplay

During his battle with the Four Horsemen and the Gun Devils, Pochita is in a "near-death state". In this state, he appears to be a small orange dog-like devil, with a chainsaw-like appendage protruding from the center of his head. Handles protrude from its body to wield it like a chainsaw, and its short tail is shaped like a chainsaw pull cord.

His true devil form is a large, humanoid devil with four arms and a chainsaw protruding from each, with another chainsaw coming out the front of his head, much like Denji's hybrid form. An intestine, still connected to its stomach, is wrapped around its neck, resembling a scarf or collar.

Pochita adapts to him, merging with his heart and becoming part of Denji's anatomy, creating a hybrid. This allows Denji to become the chainsaw man by pulling on the chainsaw cord in his chest.

Pochita is smaller, has lost the chainsaw on his head, all his limbs, and both handles, and has blood vessels connected to him. Pochita still retains his signature cute dog face. Denji's chainsaw cord is also connected directly to Pochita's head.

Pochita Cosplay

Pochita communicated solely through barking and whimpering like a real dog. However, after merging with Denji, he is able to mentally communicate with him. Pochita took great care of Denji despite the devil's general hatred of humanity after his life was saved by humans.

He willingly gave his heart to Denji so he could fulfill his dreams that Pochita loved to hear about. He shows that he knows Denji very well and is able to mimic Denji's personality and behavior in order to fool Makima.

Pochita exhibits a more unpredictable personality in his true devil form, as shown when he quickly murders anyone who shows even the slightest animosity towards him in the burger joint.

He remembers his friend Denji's desire to try a hamburger that is not lazy and goes on a date with a girl, leading him to kidnap Kobeni. He tells Denji that he always dreamed of being hugged, but his strength made this impossible, suggesting that his assassination attempt on the burger shop was accidental due to his inability to properly control his power.

He also seems to respond to calls for help from humans and devils alike, proven when he rescued both Makima and Kobeni from their sticky situations, though he later brutally attacked the former after completing his task. His love for Denji remained as he desperately wanted to fulfill his friend's dreams and later even sacrificed himself to save Kobeni.

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