Chainsaw Man Power Costume

Chainsaw Man Power Costume

How To Dress Like Power From Chainsaw Man

Power Chainsaw Man Halloween Costume

Dress like Power from Chainsaw Man;

Chainsaw Man Power Costume: #1 Power hair clip red horns.

Chainsaw Man Power Costume Accessories: #2 grell fx fangs 2.0 teeth veneer, #3 Power Chainsaw Man sickle weapon with hair clips, #5 2 pairs red devil horns barrettes demon alligator clip, #9 Kyojuro fireball eye.

Chainsaw Man Power Costume Wig: #3 Power horns wig cap.

Chainsaw Man Power Costume: #6 Chainsaw Man Power leather nurse uniform dress suit, #7 Power uniform anime shirt pants suit blue jacket full set, #8 Power red jacket pant uniform party fancy dress up set.

Chainsaw Man Power Costume Shoe: #10 Power shoe.

Power Halloween Costume

Power Chainsaw Man Cosplay

Power has a woman with long hair. Her hair color varies from blonde to pink in manga illustrations and appears strawberry blonde in the anime. As a friend, she has red and yellow eyes that form a cross pattern, sharp teeth with defined fangs, and bright red horns that protrude from her head.

Power accumulates too much blood, her horns grow larger and more curved, and she may sprout extra pairs of horns on the sides of her head.

Power typically wears the standard shirt, tie, and pants required of public safety demon hunters. She usually wears nursing pads to increase her bust size. She almost always wears her jacket half, giving her a messy, half-dressed appearance.

Super smart, Power put on glasses and tied her hair back in a ponytail.

In her Blood Devil form, she appears as a large humanoid with four arms and a mostly lighter body. Its head has a pointed appearance with red color, sharp teeth, and two round eyes with cross-shaped pupils.

She also has long horns resembling her devil form with too much blood and longer hair in this form. Her chest has an open rib cage that reveals a thoracic cavity full of intestines up to her neck. Her arms are dark-colored from hand to elbow. She has four-fingered hands and large claws. Her legs are the same dark color from mid-thigh down ending in heel-like feet and she has a dark cat-like tail.

Power Cosplay

Power is childish, greedy, and almost entirely self-motivated. She tends to fight as if she has something to win and is sure of her victory and has no problem running away from a fight in which she is outmatched. Because of her friend status, she feels the need to brag about her superiority over other felhunters.

She has no allegiance to men or devils and openly admits that she will join the winning side. Power also enjoys the thrill of a fight and enjoys showing off her strength and proving her own superiority.

She became excited and told Denji to pay close attention while she single-handedly defeats them all. She is very selfish and often claims that she can do things she really can't, only to give up midway when things go wrong for her. She often distracts the consequences of her actions from those around her.

Power is a compulsive habitual liar; After Power got into trouble with Makima for killing a devil when she wasn't supposed to, Power immediately blamed Denji, claiming he told her to kill him. She also accused Denji of eating all the emergency food the team collected despite having crumbs on her face, and when accused of giving up a fight because she was scared, Power falsely stated she just ran away because she was hungry.

Power is also rude, and scruffy and thinks that those around her should clean up after her. She admittedly rarely washes or flushes the toilet and sees people as oversensitive for being so concerned about their hygiene.

She has no problem gossiping and talking about her friends behind their backs; Share the secret of Aki's shortened lifespan with the Angel Devil.

Power sees no difference between pork, beef, and human flesh; be prepared to eat them all, even if the meat is disgusting zombie meat. She hates vegetables and will throw them away if she finds them in her meal.

Power is an insatiable glutton who eats up all the food supplies the team needs to survive the Eternity Devil's trap and amasses food at Division 4's newcomer welcome party. When asked by Aki what reward she could get as part of her mission, Power stated that she would like to suckle a human's blood until they die. Power became ecstatic at the prospect.

After Power returns from Hell and experiences the power of the Darkness Devil, Power develops severe PTSD as she is very afraid of being alone and feels like she is being swallowed by the Darkness Devil. As a result, she needs Aki and Denji to take care of her, help her eat, bathe and sleep, and show her more vulnerable side.

Despite being extremely selfish, Power was able to feel compassion for her pet for the first time, having previously only cared about the smell and taste of blood and the feeling of death when she killed something.

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