Code Geass C. C. Halloween Costume 2020

Dress Like CC Costume

Code Geass CC Halloween Costume

Code Geass CC Outfits

Dress Like CC From Code Geass;

Code Geass CC Outfits: CC wears CC wears a couple of different outfits. One of them is black and other one is white with black ornaments.

Code Geass CC Wig: CC has lime color long straight hair with bangs.

Code Geass CC Boots: To complete your CC cosplay costume don't forget to get her white thigh high boots which has golden motifs placed on toe and knee parts.

Code Geass CC Outfits

Code Geass CC Costume

C.C. (シ ー ・ ツ ー) is the third most important character of Code Geass: Lelouch of Rebellion. Her seiyuu is Yukana. C.C. is not her real name; In her sleep, she involuntarily reveals her real name to Lelouch, which has been muted so that the audience cannot hear it.

At the 29th Anime Grand Prix she was awarded 3rd place. She was selected as the most popular female character in Animage magazine's annual Anime Grand Prix in 2007 and 2008.

Code Geass CC Cosplay

C.C. is a girl with long, almost waist-length, light green hair and golden eyes. She is average in size and slightly smaller than Kallen. She has a scar under her left breast that resembles a Geass seal.

The outfits of C.C. are plentiful and varied. She wears a wide range of different clothes, often depending on the situation or the time period. She often wears Lelouch's own clothing, including his Zero costume, when Lelouch needs bait.

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