Cyberpunk Lucy Costume

Cyberpunk Lucy Costume

You need the following items for your Lucy Halloween costume:

  1. Lucyna Kushinada Costume
  2. Lucyna Kushinada Cosplay Wig
  3. Light Purple Eyes
  4. Lucyna Kushinada Cosplay Boots

Lucyna Kushinada, better known as Lucy, is a netrunner and the deuteragonist in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

Lucy is a mysterious netrunner from Night City. She is quite introverted and doesn't like to talk about her past. Although she looks innocent, she doesn't hesitate to kill a person outright if she upsets them. Lucy also considers Night City a prison and dreams of one day leaving it for the moon.

How To Dress Like Lucyna Kushinada From Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Lucyna Kushinada Cosplay

Dress like Lucyna Kushinada from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Lucy is a young woman with naturally white hair and purple and red gradient pupils. She wears bright red eye and lip makeup. Her hair is cut into a split bob - with her left side longer - and dyed a colorful pastel rainbow gradient. Her eyes seem to mirror the color of her hair. Lucy wears a short white jacket with a black sleeveless and thighless running jumpsuit with red accents over a pair of white shorts and tall gray stockings and black knee high boots.

Cyberpunk Lucy Cosplay

Lucyna Kushinada Halloween Costume

Of Japanese and Polish descent, Lucy was selected at a young age after an aptitude test - along with 12 other children - to receive an education and become a net runner at an unnamed facility in Arasaka. The dream of one day "serving the most powerful megacorporation in the world" got her and the others through their toughest days and training.

When their training was complete, they were sent underground to take part in deep dives on the internet prior to DataKrash when Arasaka sent them in search of lost knowledge. Plunging into the web, they were vulnerable to old-world demons and rogue AIs. The children were picked up one at a time, and it wasn't long before only a handful were left.


Lucyna Kushinada Halloween Costume

After realizing they could pursue other dreams rather than being enslaved by society, the remaining children, including Lucy, used their netrunning skills to overpower the Arasaka staff and escape. When they escaped, most of the children were shot one by one and only Lucy survived.

After her escape, Lucy woke up in a junkyard and didn't plan to stay long. She wandered from place to place, eventually ending up in Night City, where she no longer felt like she was being pursued by the megacorp.

After being in Night City for some time, Lucy joined Maine's Edgerunner crew where she was mentored by another netrunner named Kiwi.

About a year later, while stealing shards from NCART's Corpos on her way to Corpo Plaza, she attempted to steal shards held by a teenager named David Martinez. Having previously noticed her presence, he used his Sandevistan implant and was able to intercept her actions by grabbing her arm. Lucy shook off David's arm and grabbed his with a motion to follow her. Lucy continued to interrogate David while he toyed with her "job." After a brief discussion, the two agreed to work together, Lucy hired David as her intern and split her salary 70/30.

Lucy challenged the boy to steal a variety of people on the train to test his skills. After they had enough, they went to a place to talk about their breakup, but David broke down from not taking immunosuppressants for the new implant, and Lucy called an ambulance. She then saved David's life from the corrupt paramedic in the ambulance and finally got him to see Doc when David was about to collapse again.

She paid for David's immunosuppressants, but also secretly briefed Maine on the Sandevistan he originally wanted from Gloria. Lucy then invited David over to her apartment and even took him on a romantic mind dance on the moon.

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