Cyberpunk Rebecca Costume

Cyberpunk Rebecca Costume

Rebecca is a very sharp-tongued young woman and tends to be extreme and unpredictable. She is often shown going all out in fights, sometimes even laughing insanely. Despite this, Rebecca is loyal and will do anything for the Maine crew, including supporting newcomer David where she can.

How To Dress Like Rebecca From Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Rebecca Halloween Costume

Dress like Rebecca from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Rebecca is short in stature, with soft features and radiant white skin that contrasts with the pink tattoos on her neck, stomach and right thigh that read "PK DICK". Clothing is minimal for Rebecca, as her dress of choice is simply her black bra and underwear, a high-necked black cheesy jacket with green accents that go below her waist, and a pair of matching sneakers.

In addition to the jacket and shoes, she pulls her green hair into pigtails with a double-edged headband. Their cyberware is unobtrusive, only their pink and yellow cyber look catches the eye. She later uses oversized cyberarms in red and blue for left and right, mimicking her brother Pilar.

Cyberpunk Rebecca Cosplay

Rebecca Cosplay

Rebecca was a sidewalk runner in Night City who was always fighting with her brother Pilar. The two siblings often teamed up with Maine and his crew to do mercenary jobs, although their daily life outside of work was strained as they always fought with each other due to Pilar's provocative behavior, this led to the decision that she was the person who would do it does it one day kills her brother.


Cyberpunk Rebecca Halloween Costume

Some time before 2076, the day Sasha Yakovleva died, her crew was hired to infiltrate Biotechnica's headquarters in Night City to extract classified financial records and information. They grabbed drinks at the Afterlife before sending Sasha, the crew's netrunner, to infiltrate the building.

Rebecca first met David Martinez during the limo robbery and worked with him, distracting Maxim by spilling alcohol on him and sensually cleaning him, although this backfired when Maxim realized the key was missing and she was a slut who called, to which she replied that he was strange.

Later, Pilar was killed by a cyberpsycho, which enraged Rebecca and brought the cyberpsycho down alone, but was eventually stopped by the rest of Maine's crew.


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