Daki Costume

Daki Costume

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  1. Daki Cosplay Costume
  2. Red Liquid Lipstick
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Daki was one of the main antagonists in the Entertainment District Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She was a demon associated with the Twelve Kizuki and was the secondary holder of the Upper Rank Six position, a position she shared with the primary holder, her older brother Gyutaro.

Over a century ago, Daki was a human child named Ume who lived on the Rashomon Riverbank of Yoshiwara, the lowest class of the entertainment district, before she and Gyutaro were personally turned into demons by Doma, the Upper Sixth of the time.

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How To Dress Like Daki From Demon Slayer

Daki Cosplay

Dress like Daki from Demon Slayer;

Daki was a tall, curvaceous, pale skinned and slender woman with light green eyes and long eyelashes. Her hair was white with a light green ombre at the ends and was styled in a full, long ponytail with kanzashi bobby pins holding the ponytail up. When not disguised as Oiran, she sported two pink flower-like demon crests on her face and wore a two-piece version of her kimono consisting of magenta pink panties tied at the sides with long black bows and two magenta pieces of cloth covering them chest covered covered.

She wore magenta stockings with black floral patterns and high three-legged Sanmaiba/Koma-Geta or Mitsu-Ashi shoes. After her obi sash returns to her, black cracks appear on various parts of her body and Daki's hair changes from black to bright white with light green tips, matching her original hair color when she was human. When her older brother Gyutaro wakes up, he implants his left eye upside down in Daki's forehead, also leaving black ink-like marks around the eye.

Daki Cosplay

Daki Halloween Costume

Beneath her oiran disguise, she appeared to adhere to oiran/tayū traits, her hair was in the typical date hyōgo style with numerous Ōgi bira kanzashi hairpins adorning and supporting it, and she wore traditional makeup. Daki also possessed a multicolored eye, with the top half terracotta orange and the bottom half lime green with a black spear-like pattern in place of the pupils. She also wore a large, all-white haori with black five-sided pentagonal designs near the cuffs and hem, with a dark magenta susohiki/hikizuri kimono and a purple juban underneath, preserving fragments of her blood demon art as her obi.

Daki Halloween Costume

Before turning into a demon, Daki was a young girl with long, tousled white hair with messy bangs, bright lipstick, and lapis blue eyes with long lashes. She wore a torn, pale pink kimono with an irregular square pattern of horizontal lines across it. She has been described as so pretty that her beauty can make adults falter.

Daki was a very proud, dismissive, and sadistic person who enjoyed toying with her victims before killing them, and showed not the slightest guilt or remorse for apathetically taking people's lives. Daki also seemed to think very highly of herself, dismissing all non-Hashira demon slayers as not worth their time and becoming outraged when Tanjiro Kamado spoke to her, presumably because she looked down on him.

This is also shown when Daki said she could spare Tanjiro if he told her how many demon slayers are present in the entertainment district, and when Daki is open about how slow the demon slayers' techniques are and her boredom makes her arrogant and repulsive personality further illustrated.

As a courtesan, she seemed to have a seductive side, evident in her typical interactions with her male clients. Despite being hundreds of years old, she had shown childish and naughty tendencies, such as throwing tantrums, crying hysterically when things didn't go her way, and hitting someone to vent her frustration. Daki was openly aggressive and would verbally and physically insult anyone who displeased her in any way.

Daki had a number of habits that are well documented in history, most notably her use of the word "Hime" at the end of each of the identities she assumed. She also had a habit of tilting her head to the side and staring at others while seated when being criticized. As Oiran, Daki was extremely cruel and evil, pulling a young girl's ear for not tidying her room, and Zenitsu beating Agatsuma in the other room just for touching her.

She also preferred to only eat people she considered beautiful or strong, choosing to kill those who got on her nerves without eating them, leaving their bodies behind, which people often do believed to be suicide.

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