David Martinez Cyberpunk Costume

David Martinez Cyberpunk Costume

David Martinez was born to Gloria Martinez and an unknown father. His father later abandoned his family, forcing Gloria to raise David all by herself. He grew up on the streets of Santo Domingo while living in an apartment in the mega building H4 in Arroyo.

Because his mother put a lot of effort into her job as an EMT for Night City Medical Center, David was eligible to enroll at Arasaka Academy in Corpo Plaza. After joining the academy, he began selling XBDs to classmates, which he received from a Ripperdoc friend named Doc.

How To Dress Like David Martinez From Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

David Martinez Cosplay

Dress like David Martinez from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

David Martinez is a Latino teenager with light brown eyes and brown hair, which he wears in a shaggy hairstyle with shaved sides. He has a slim, athletic build typical of a teenager his age. David's signature style is kitsch, he wears a black t-shirt, two gold chain necklaces, gray sweatpants with two yellow straps on either side, and white sneakers with blue straps. He later wears his mother's yellow EMT jacket with a light blue collar on the inside of the fabric and a green logo on the back.

David gradually adds more implants to his body and grows taller and more muscular. While his entire outfit remains intact, he no longer wears a black shirt, preferring to remain shirtless when not covered by the EMT jacket.

Cyberpunk David Martinez Cosplay

David Martinez Halloween Costume

One night, Martinez watched a brand new illegal braindance that Doc received from Jimmy Kurosaki. The braindance involved the death of former Lt. Col. James Norris of the New United States Armed Forces, who had a cyberpsycho a few hours earlier.

The next day, after his mother was found asleep on the couch, the two discussed money issues related to his school expenses and looked at the news of James Norris' death, which included her mother carrying the body. Martinez caught a glimpse of a young woman on his way to school, who disappeared when he tried to approach her. During class that day, his outdated Braindance wreath evened out his classmates' wreaths because Doc installed a buggy software update to save money. This sparked outrage among the students, particularly Katsuo Tanaka, the son of Tanaka, a senior Arasaka manager. After the incident, David and his mother met with the director of the academy, who suggested that David could benefit from a change of location as he would not fit in with his more affluent classmates. Gloria agreed to pay for the damage caused.

David Martinez Halloween Costume

On the drive home, the two became spectators when the Animals attacked an Arasaka company vehicle, where they crashed into the company vehicle after it was blown up by a rocket. Martinez saw his mother lying motionless in the street after she regained consciousness. The trauma team arrived shortly after, but ignored her because she wasn't insured and only took the corporate client away. David managed to get his mother to a back alley clinic where she was stabilized. Martinez returned to the apartment with his mother's belongings and found that she had received a military-grade Sandevistan Neuralware implant from Cyberpsycho. David informed Doc about the implant and was told it was worth about $10,000 on the black market.

The next morning, on the way to Corpo Plaza, Martinez saw that Tanaka and his friends were waiting for him while he searched for the mystery woman. They took him to an alley where Tanaka hit him with a martial arts chip. Shortly after the fight, David received a call from the clinic that his mother had passed away and that he needed to arrange a funeral for her. David, unable to afford the other options, opted to have her remains cremated by an automated service that would deliver the ashes in a metal container. At home, while coping with the loss of his mother, David received a phone call from Katsuo mocking him and his mother's death, which drove him over the edge. Eventually, David left his apartment to visit Doc and convinced him to have Sandevistan implanted in his body.

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