Jean F Milburn Outfits

Sex Education Jean Milburn Outfits

Dr. Jean F. Milburn is one of the main characters in sex education. She is portrayed by Gillian Anderson.

She is a well-known sex therapist and Oti's mother. She is divorced and has regular one-night stands, but is not binding.

Dr Jean F Milburn

Sex Education Dr. Jean Milburn Costume

Dr Jean F Milburn Outfits

Dress Like Jean Milburn From Sex Education 

Dr Jean F Milburn Outfits

In the series, Anderson plays Dr. Jean Milburn is a sex therapist, and mom of Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield).

Dress like Dr Jean F Milburn, Jean Milburn costume consists of a turquoise tie knot shirt, green loose pants and white low heel shoes. To complete your Dr Jean F Milborn look dont forget bracelets, a blue circle necklace and circle earrings with stars.


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