7 Grand Dad Costume

Dress Like 7 Grand Dad

7 Grand dad, aka Primitive Mario is a hack of The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy for the Famicom released in 1992 by J.Y. Company.

Dress Like 7 Grand Dad

7 Grand Dad Cosplay Costume

How To Dress Like 7 Grand Dad

Dress like 7 Grand Dad; 7 Grand Dad costume consists of red sweatshirt, orange pants, orange suspanders, red cap and white gloves, to complete your 7 grand dad look don't forget to get blue moustache and white shoes.

7 Grand Dad Halloween Costume

7 Grand dad changes the title screen by changing the logo. the pinnacle of Fred Flintstone's sprites has been replaced by Marios, though Fred's graphics stay unchanged elsewhere, as is his name on the hud. The credits were cut out and also the names replaced by solely X.

There are 2 cheats that were hacked into the game as follows and are each noted on the label of the car: Pressing choose on the title screen confuses the order of steps up to the bureau level. If you die once, the order of levels are going to be reset to traditional. throughout the sport, Up + start fills within the health indicator with will be hearts.

7 Grand Dad Start Screen

7 Grand Dad Start Screen



  • Even though the "developer" behind this hack is unknown, it might be the same creator who did Mario Fighter 3 (a hack of Hummer Team's version of Street Fighter II) and Mario IV (a hack of Armadillo). These 3 games share similar traits, like the Dian Shi Ma Li Mario sprite, the Super Mario Bros. 3 Mario sprite and the credits being edited out with X's.
    • It was at least published by J.Y. Company. One of the PROMs on its PCB says "JY215". 
    • The original cart's label is almost the same as Mario IV's, the only difference being the title and the cheat description being different (but in the same font). It's unknown however if J.Y. Company was originally responsible for publishing Mario IV.
  • The Mario sprite on the title screen was taken from Dian Shi Ma Li or, more specifically, Mario IV, which also had the "F" on Fortran's cap changed to "王" ("wang", translates as "king").
  • This hack has become popular on the Internet after it was streamed by Vargskelethor.
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