Emma Frost Costume

How To Dress Like Emma Frost

Emma Frost Cosplay Costume

Dress Like Emma Frost

Dress like Emma Frost From Marvel Comics; Emma Frost costume consists of a white hooded cloak, gothic jacquard shoulder straps,white legging pants and party gloves, to complete your Emma Frost costume don't forget to get metallic lipstick, white party boots and blonde wavy wig.

Emma Frost Halloween Costume


Emma Frost was a mutant and a member of the Hellfire Club, but later joined the Brotherhood of Mutants. She was a telepath and could turn her skin into diamond.
Although very loyal to Shaw, Frost is empathetic and has no problem switching sides when it benefits her. This is shown when she joins Erik after seeing her other teammates with him. Frost also appears to be quite calm and accumulated in life or death situations.

Emma is quite intuitive even without her skills. She is highly intelligent with a trick. Frost is also quite manipulative if she leaves the FBI guessing what the Hellfire Club was up to.

Emma Frost Costume

Emma, ​​a platinum-haired beauty and close ally of Sebastian Shaw, is a telepath with a diamond-like skin that's really strong (she could have broken when Magneto strangled her with metal). Like Charles Xavier, she can project her thoughts and her will into the thoughts of others. It is assumed to be stronger than Xavier, but this happens earlier Emma Diamond WXM-1-White queen in diamond shape the first X-Men movie in which it was much more powerful. It can also create illusions in someone else's head. Her weakness is that if she is broken into a diamond shape, she cannot go back to normal shape. She showed that she could create an illusion in the mind of a Soviet general that he caressed and kissed her, while in reality he was simply hugging and kissing the air.

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