Leah of Hel Costume

Leah of Hel Costume

You need the following items for your Leah Of Hel Halloween costume:

  1. Green Long Sleeve Dress
  2. Bones Costume Pack
  3. Black Long Wig
  4. Black Zipper Boots

How To Dress Like Leah of Hel


Leah Of Hel Halloween Costume

Dress like Leah of Hel From Marvel Comics; 

Leah Of Hel's Outfit: As the handmaiden of Hela, Leah dresses differently from other characters of Marvel. She wears a green midi dress that looks similar to Serena Joy's dress from The Handmaid's Tale. She has long black hair and wears black boots.

Leah of Hel Hallowen Costume

Leah Of Hel Cosplay

Leah is a faithful servant and handmaiden of Hela. She is an Asgardian and a resident of Hel. As a sounding board and advisor for Hela, she is reliable. When the brother of the all-father Odin, the snake-cul, returns from years of exile and starts a worldwide terror campaign to turn mighty earth heroes into lieutenants, Leah advised Hela to consider the offer of the Serpent. That it would be better to ally with him in a subordinate role since Hela owes Odin and the Asgardians no allegiance. That Asgard and Odin owe Hela a debt they will never pay. Leah also quickly warns her mistress Hela when Loki informs her of a possible war between Hela and Mephistus and the involvement of the Disir. In one incident, Loki attempted to endorse Hela with sweet compliments before Leah played along before attacking the trickster god's bar. But at that moment the machinations of a possible friendship between the two would begin, with both discovering that their names are interesting in connection with their constant companions, Ikol and Hela.

Leah of Hel Cosplay

At one point, Leah's universe died due to invasions and she landed on Battleworld, a patchwork planet created from the fragments of many shattered realities of God Emperor Doom after the collapse of the multiverse.

Under unknown circumstances, Leah was brought to The Shield to work with the other Hel Rangers as a defense attorney. She was the second-in-command of Abigail Brand of Breakland for six months after Brand took command when Nick Fury vanished in Perfection.

From the moment she first saw the newly exiled Hel-Ranger Magik, Leah was in love and believed they should be together. The two began dating, until sometime later Illyana disappeared with her brother Colossus on patrol in the land of the dead. When Magik hadn't returned for a week, Leah asked permission to look for her; Brand insisted, however, that she wouldn't like what she was going to find, but Leah persisted despite what had happened earlier when Hank McCoy went missing in New Xandar.

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