Clark Debussy Costume

How To Dress Like Clark Debussy

Clark Debussy Cosplay Costume

Dress Like Clark Debussy

Dress like Clark Debussy From Marvel Cinematic Universe; Clark Debussy costume consists of a burgundy two-piece suit and dress shirt, black Oxford shoes and wolf's head walking cane, to complete your Clark Debussy look don't forget to get white contact lenses and fake scars.

Clark Debussy Hallowen Costume

Clark Debussy Costume

Clark is a man who believes that mutants are a serious threat to humanity because of their godlike abilities. Still, he does not seem to show any hatred for mutants and is willing to join them when the Shadow King shows up in the world.

Clark Debussy Costume

After an incident at the Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital, in which Sydney Barrett accidentally exchanged the bodies with her friend David Haller, she used his vast powers to transport and detain everyone in their rooms. After David was captured, Clark interrogated him on the false pretext that they were investigating Sydney's disappearance when he actually tried to capture her along with The Eye. When David began to get frustrated, he finally stabbed Clark down with a pen that blew up everyone in the room, knocking them unconscious just because David himself lost consciousness because knockout gas was used. When David woke up and was tied to a chair in a pool, Clark told him that he would electrocute David if he did not give him answers. David, however, was saved by the combined efforts of Sydney, Ptonomy, and Kerry, who had drawn Clark terribly over almost his entire body.

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