Emily Outfits Inspired 2

Emily Outfits 2

How To Dress Like Emily From Emily In Paris

Emily - Emily in Paris Cosplay

Dress like Emily from Emily in Paris;

Emily Outfits Inspired 2: Button down purple cardigan sweaters, pointed toe stiletto high heel purple boots, long sleeve button-down poplin white shirt, pink handbag shoulder bag top-handle satchel set, plaid high waist bodycon grey mini skirt, ribbon neckerchief belt scarf.

Emily Halloween Costume

Emily - Emily in Paris Haloween Costume

Montmartre, known for its white-domed basilica, sits atop a large hill and really is one of the prettiest parts of Paris at sunset. Packed with charming little restaurants, wine bars and bakeries - it's a must-see.

By now you've probably delved deep into Netflix's Emily in Paris, a new rom-com series from Sex and the City creator Darren Star, in which Lily Collins plays a spunky millennial who's taking the City of Light by storm.

There are also not-so-obvious references, so we called Collins, Star, Field, and more to catch up on the mysteries behind the making of the series, as well as any Easter eggs you might have missed.

Emily Cosplay

Emily Cooper is an ambitious marketing executive from Chicago in her 20s, who moved to Paris for her new job after her company, Gilbert Group, bought a French marketing company.

She has a warm, friendly, caring, perky, bubbly, and open personality, which her French coworkers find typically American and are annoyed by. She is enthusiastic about what she does and enjoys her job very much. She can come across as a bit clueless. She stands up for what she believes in, such as sexism and the exploitation of women. Emily is very sociable and makes friends very easily.

Known as one of the prettiest streets in Paris, and that's a damn good name, it's popular with Instagrammers and romantics alike. If you post a super simple selfie, you might have thousands of followers like Emily. Shades aside, this is a truly stunning Montmartre location in the 18th arrondissement.

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Emily Outfits
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