Eto Yoshimura Costume

Tokyo Ghoul Eto Yoshimura Costume

Tokyo Ghoul Yoshimura Costume

Tokyo Ghoul Eto Yoshimura Halloween Costume

Tokyo Ghoul Eto Yoshimura Halloween Costume

Eto Yoshimura is the founding director of Aogiri Tree, who founded the organization in the decade between her original rampage and the start of the series. While many speculate to be the one-eyed king, she claims that this is not the case.

Eto Yoshimura Cosplay

Eto Yoshimura Cosplay

As Eto, she looks childish. Her whole body is wrapped in bandages, with a tattered maroon cloak with hanging ears on the hood. She also wears a flower scarf around her neck. Her right eye is a kakugan, while the other eye is a normal light green eye.

As Sen Takatsuki, she is a small, very attractive woman in her mid-twenties. She usually wears a sleepy or curious expression and dresses modestly or sloppily.

Dress Like Eto Yoshimura From Tokyo Ghoul

Her long green hair is usually messy and unkempt or tied into a messy bun on her head. Though usually neglected, many admirers consider their incredible beauty and are very similar to their mother Ukina. This resemblance is reinforced when she cuts her hair into a short bob before publicly announcing that she is a ghoul.

As a one-eyed owl, its single kakugan is in the right eye, and its original kakuja created a mask with a hole in the position of the right eye and three zigzag lines on the left, two lines similar to the position of the mouth of Yoshimura's kakuja mask is strong directed downwards. After 10 years of cannibalization, her massive kakuja is likely to form a mask-like head with four horns and a single eye in the middle of the mask with three markings on the left and right cheeks and forehead and a large mouth. However, it is able to change its appearance and produce additional attachments like eyes, mouth and limbs if it wants to.

About Yoshimura From Tokyo Ghoul

Eto has a sadistic personality that often expresses joy at the expense of others' suffering. Her twisted personality may be the result of the struggle for survival in her early years at station 24. As a result, she has no hesitation in relentlessly slaughtering people and ghouls and is lucky to inflict pain on others. Like many ghouls, she can separate her ghoul and her human alter ego relatively easily.

As Sen Takatsuki, she sometimes appears quite playful and dazed and sleepy on the day she was supposed to sign books and take pictures with admirers when her manager prohibited it. According to the profile Haise Sasaki creates through his analysis of her works, the author is a woman full of despair and hatred of the world who long ago gave up hope.

Like her mother, Eto has a very strong intuition for the feelings and desires of people with whom she deals with her victims and manipulates others to make her bids.

Despite her distorted aspects, she seems to believe in creating a society where ghouls are not persecuted for their existence and do everything to achieve that ambition, no matter what she has to sacrifice.


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