Faye Valentine Halloween Costume 2020

Faye Valentine Costume

Dress Like Faye Valentine From Cowboy Bebop

Dress Like Faye Valentine From Cowboy Bebop

Dress Like Faye Valentine From Cowboy Bebop;

Faye Valentine Outfit: Faye wears yellow booty short with a matching buttoned crop top shirt and red jacket.

Faye Valentine Wig: Faye has chin lenght purple straight hair.

Faye Valentine Accessories: To complete your Faye Valentine cosplay look don't forget to get pink stockings, fake cigarettes if you are not a smoker, rep lipstick and hairband.

Faye Valentine Cosplay

Faye Valentine Cosplay

Faye Valentine (フェイ・ヴァレンタイン) is a sought-after bounty manager and member of the bounty hunting crew aboard the Bebop.

Although Faye doesn't appear to be more than 23 years old, she is actually around 77 years old and was put into a cryogenic freeze after a space shuttle accident in which she spent fifty-four years in suspended animation.

Faye Valentine Outfits

Faye is a young woman of Singaporean descent with chin-length dark purple hair and green eyes. Her body is tall and slim, and her skin is pale.

Her standard outfit consists of yellow shorts, a matching buttoned shirt, white ankle boots, flesh-colored stockings and a loose red jacket.

The beta tape in Speak Like A Child suggests that Faye changed a lot about the innocent girl she used to be. As someone who constantly lives in an environment where they have to seize every opportunity to find money, the insightful attraction makes people more aware and also distracts them long enough for them to take advantage of it. She will do this on Cowboy Bebop on many occasions, the first being her first appearance on Honky Tonk Women.