Dress Like Fiji Water Girl

Fiji Water Girl Costume


Dress Like Fiji Water Girl

You need the following items for your Fiji Water Girl Hallween costume:

  1. Fiji Water Girl Dress
  2. Black Ribbon
  3. Fiji Water Girl Dress Sandals
  4. Fiji Water Girl Serving Tray
  5. Fiji Water Pack of 24

In 2019 Golden Globe Awards, Kelleth Cuthbert go viral while doing nothing but serving Fiji water to high profile celebrities. Her beauty added with Fiji designed 3 layered deep blue dress, which is similar to the color of Fiji bottles, and maybe some marketing efforts by the company went beyond the celebrities. If you want to be the center of attention at the Halloween party, this is your costume. Be the woman of the day with this awesome Fiji Water Girl costume this Halloween.

Dress Like Fiji Water Girl

Fiji Water Girl Outfits

The Golden Globes Awards 2019 made a model and a water bottle go viral. Kelly Steinbeich, who uses the name Kelleth Cuthbert as a model, became known overnight as the Fiji Water Girl.The award ceremony is usually a lavish and high-profile event with celebrities of the A-list. FIJI Water is a company that has been participating in these high caliber events for some time. Usually their marketing dollars are spent on stars drinking their water and then being photographed with their water bottles in hand. Scroll down to see Fiji Water Girl Outfits.

Fiji Water Girl Halloween Costume

Fiji Water Girl Dress

Kelly Steinbeich, a model who found viral fame by arguably celebrating outshining celebrities on the Golden Globe is in a legal battle with the bottled water company that helped make her famous.

Kelly Steinbeich, who uses the name Kelleth Cuthbert to model, has become known overnight as the Fiji Water Girl. She has been photographed smiling as she holds a tray of water bottles behind celebrities at the Hollywood event.

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