Gabriela Hernandez Costume

Gabriela Hernández Costume

How To Dress Like Gabriela (Gabi) Hernández From Vivo

Gabriela (Gabi) Hernández Cosplay

Dress like Gabriela (Gabi) Hernández from Vivo;

Gabi is a 10-year-old girl with brown eyes. She is original of Cuban descent. She has luscious purple hair with a mohawk and two ponytails. She wears teal glasses, a pink button-down shirt with a black and white tie and sleeveless hooded denim jacket, and a colorful skirt with purple panties. She has several stickers on her jacket showing her love for music. On her right hand she has two bracelets that say "Best Friend" and on her left many other colorful bracelets, a green watch, and black and white lace-up shoes.

Gabriela (Gabi) Hernández Cosplay

Gabriela (Gabi) Hernández Halloween Costume

Gabi is a young, energetic girl who hops to the rhythm of her unusual drum. She is optimistic, funny, and eager to see the world. She is also a rapper. Gabi shows qualities such as caring for Vivo when she offers him an apartment together after the death of her great-uncle, but during a conversation in the car, Gabi also expresses to Vivo and her mother the hidden sadness at the loss of their father.

We don't know exactly what Gabi's life was like before her father's death, but if you look at the family photos, Gabi had a very strong bond with her father through their shared love of music. Sometime prior to the events of Vivo, she dyed her hair purple.

Gabriela (Gabi) Hernández Halloween Costume

Gabi shows up with her mother to her uncle's funeral in Cuba and immediately approaches Vivo to comfort him during this difficult time, offering to live with her in Florida. She sees that Vivo hid in her suitcase to get to Florida. After failing to get a bus, they are forced to take a shortcut into Everglades National Park. When Gabi found out the real reason for Vivo's arrival, she recalled not having time to say "I love you" to her father, so she knew she had to deliver the song. Gabi shows courage, creativity, and optimism when traveling. When Gabi gets caught by the security guard and her mother, the girl tells her mother the truth on her return home, Rosa Hernández doesn't believe her until Vivo himself shows up and refuses to leave his friend behind. After this scene, Gabi explained to her mother how sad she was in her heart about the loss of her father, whereupon her mother told her that dad always knew that she loved him and that this love lives in her heart, whereupon she took Rosa with her her family and later went to Marta's concert. After the concert, Gabi started a new chapter in her life together with Vivo, in which they should present the audience and their music.

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