Gacha Life Default Girl Costume

Gacha Life Default Girl Costume

You need the following items for your Default Girl costume from Gacha Life:

  1. Azalea Color T-Shirt
  2. Levi's Women's Mid Length Shorts
  3. Purple Wig
  4. Pink Colored Contact Lenses
  5. Knee-High Tube Socks
  6. Brown Loafer

How To Dress Like Default Girl From Gacha Life

Gacha Life Default Girl Outfits

Dress like Default Girl from Gacha Life;

Default Girl T-Shirt: In Gacha Club, Default Girl wears a pink t-shirt with the Lunime logo on the right chest.

Default Girl Hair: She has purple messy shoulder-length hair.

Default Girl Eyes: She has big pink eyes, unless you somehow have pink eyes get pink colored contacts.

Default Girl Accessories: To complete your Default Girl Halloween costume don't forget to get denim jeans, white tube socks, and brown loafers or sandals.

Default Girl Cosplay

Gacha Life Default Girl Cosplay

The Default Girl is one of the standard characters in the Gacha Club, she is one of the characters that is assigned to you when you first start playing the game.

The Default Girl has messy purple hair and a protruding ahoge. She wears a pink t-shirt with the Lunime logo. It has a matching hip belt. The Deafult Girl has blue shorts and white socks with brown sandals.

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