Dress Like Grandma Wolf

Grandma Wolf Costume


You will need the following items for your Grandma Wolf Halloween Costume:

How To Dress Like Grandma Wolf From Little Red Riding Hood

Grandma Wolf Halloween Costume

Dress Like Grandma Wolf From Little Red Riding Hood;

Grandma Wolf Costume: Wolf granny costume, granny glasses, mop cap, furry wolf mask, tail ears gloves set, faux fur boot, grandma housecoat.

Grandma Wolf Halloween Costume

Grandma Wolf Cosplay

There's a wolf, that granny in her nightgown and hat. Grandma Wolf is one of the characters in the traditional fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.

Grandma Wolf Cosplay

There is a kind of bad human-wolf in the forest. They disguise themselves as humans to lure their victims before revealing their identities. A tragedy happened to a little red-haired girl named Rocha Vera. Rocha and her grandmother's killer from Grandma Wolf in the forest are still there.

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