Hawks Costume

Ready to fly as the ultimate wingman in the Hawks Costume this Halloween?

Halloween is here and it's time to spread your wings and soar as the flying hero: Hawks! This Pro Hero from My Hero Academia is known for his sharp style, sarcastic wit, and, of course, his ability to control his feathers like a boss.

Hawks Costume

You will need the following items for your Hawks costume:

  1. Hawks Cosplay Costume
  2. Hero Hawks Cosplay Wig
  3. Devil Brown Eyes
  4. Colorful Cosplay Wings
  5. Hawks Red Wings
  6. Hawks Headset and Yellow Glasses
  7. Hawks Necklace and Earrings
  8. Hawks Cosplay Boots

Keigo is the epitome of a cool, calm, and collected superhero. He's got brains and brawn, but you wouldn't know it by the way he acts. He's always cracking jokes and making sarcastic comments, but don't let his carefree attitude fool you - he's always on high alert.

While he may seem like a slacker at times, Keigo takes his job as a Pro Hero seriously. But, he's definitely not one for following rules and regulations without questioning them first. He's got a bit of a rebel streak and he's not afraid to show it, especially when it comes to formalities. Keigo may act like he doesn't care about recognition or social status, but he's got a big heart and he's always looking out for the people he's sworn to protect.

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How To Dress Like Hawks From My Hero Academia

Keigo Takami Hawks Cosplay

Dress like Hawks from My Hero Academia;

Introducing Keigo, the guy who's just a-maize-ing! With a slim and narrow build, he's a man of average height with hair that's so blond and feathery, it makes birds jealous. His golden-brown, triangular eyes have black triangles under them, making him look like a bird of prey. And with his Quirk, he's got red feathered wings that reach over his head when folded.

Keigo's fashion is fly-ing high with a black shirt with a golden wavy pattern, a tan jacket with white fur lining and black gloves. He's got red square ear piercings, but they're hidden behind his yellow headphones. To protect his eyes from UV radiation and dirt particles, he rocks a yellow-tinted visor. And to make room for his wings, his jacket has two big slits over his shoulder blades. So, get ready to soar this Halloween with Keigo's look!

How to Be Like Hawks?

Keigo Takami Hawks Halloween Costume

Here are a few tips to help you embody Hawks' character for Halloween:

Confidence: Hawks is known for his cool and collected demeanor, so try to exude confidence in your movements and speech.

Sarcasm: Hawks has a quick wit and isn't afraid to use sarcasm to diffuse tense situations. Practice delivering sarcastic one-liners with a straight face.

Style: Hawks is fashionable, so make sure your costume is sharp and put-together. Don't forget to accessorize with his signature silver earrings.

Body language: Hawks has a relaxed and casual posture, often seen lounging with one leg crossed over the other. Incorporate this body language into your costume.

Be a bird-person: Remember, Hawks is a bird-man, so flapping your arms like wings and making bird-like sounds will definitely add to the character.

With these tips, you'll be ready to soar as Hawks this Halloween!

Who is the Hawks?

Hawks, also known as the Flying Hero: Wings of Freedom, is a sarcastic and cool-headed bird-man who can control his feathers like a boss. He's a Pro Hero with a style that's as sharp as his talons and a wit that can slice through any villain's ego. When he's not soaring through the skies, he's probably busy making puns about birds or sipping on a cup of hot tea. In short, Hawks is the ultimate wingman that you want by your side in a fight, and a comedian in the making!

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