Diy Hazbin Hotel Charlie Magne Costume Guide

Diy Hazbin Hotel Charlie Costume Guide

Diy Hazbin Hotel Charlie Magne Cosplay Items

Hazbin Hotel Charlie Magne Halloween Costume

Hazbin Hotel Charlie Halloween Costume

Dress like Charlie from Hazbin Hotel; Charlie costume consists of white dress shirt, black lolita embroidery, red blazer, black dress pant and mary jane shoes, to complete your Charlie cosplay look don't forget to get long blonde wig and vampire fangs.

Hazbin Hotel Charlie Magne Cosplay Costume

Hazbin Hotel Charlie Cosplay Costume

Charlotte Magne, most commonly referred to as Charlie, is the hell-born Princess of Hell, the founder of the Happy Hotel and the main character of the Hazbin Hotel. Despite everything that most hell thinks, she believes salvation is possible for all demons and hopes that this will help improve the kingdom.

Charlie Magne Outfits

Charlie is described as a great demon, possibly with a height of 6 '1' 'and a "hallmark" for long, curly blond hair with peach pink highlights. Her lips are black and she has red cheeks, which Vivienne mentioned in an illustration of the reason why, scientifically and biologically, red cheeks combine happiness and a happy personality that she likes to have towards people. Her eyes are black and her sclera is light yellow in color. Her eyelids have a contrasting pink shade to add depth. They also seem to be decorated with gray eyeshadow. She usually wears a black bow tie, a white shirt under her pink tuxedo, paired with aubergine-colored trousers and long black suspenders, at other times she wears either a black tuxedo or just a white shirt.

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