Himiko Toga Cosplay

Himiko Toga Cosplay

Dress Like Himiko Toga From My Hero Academia

Himiko Toga Cosplay Outfit

Dress like Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia;

Himiko Toga Cosplay Costume: In her villain costume Himiko wears her civilian outfit with a few additions, like the black piping mask, knife boxes, thighs and waist, and the other little boxes that they claim are on either side. The new premonition is the loose black mask that goes around her neck and is adorned with pale pieces of metal in the shape of a carnivorous grin. Three large silver canisters sit on the sides of her mask, the needles on the right sticking out of their tips and wires on their bases, which they wear with the two personal top hats that come with their own belt. All these possibilities are used to suck blood, which Himiko can accept with its peculiarities.

Himiko Toga Cosplay Hair: Himiko has hair is pale, dirty, ash blonde, and shaped into two messy buns. Numerous wild strands protrude from the center at all angles, and where they are attached a straight edge and two chin-length side bangs frame the face.


Himiko Toga Halloween Costume

Himiko Toga Costume

Himiko is a very happy girl who is even heard, heard, heard and shows sadistic tendencies. This continues even when danger is imminent, like Tomura when Shigaraki stopped it, but it shows up when she's made up her mind or heard. She was lovesick for a face. She feels that when people approach her or when she is naked,

He is mentally unstable and has a very twisted perception of love and friendship. Proven when, despite trying to belong to Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui, she still lost friendship with the two girls, lovingly kept Tsuyu by her first name and greeted the former as "lovable". When speaking to Ochaco, she said that it was only natural to want to be the way you love until you lose that person.

Himiko Toga Costume

Himiko is a petite, fair-skinned young girl. She has slightly inwardly sloping eyes, pale yellow irises, and thin slits in their pupils that belong to a cat, and their wide mouths are feline-like too, as their upper and lower canines are more pointed and longer than the rest of them. Her hair is pale, dirty, ash blonde, and messy in twos

Her casual outfit consists of a simple seifuku with a Kansai collar, the skirt, and the dark blue shirt with a double personal crew that comes with a red scarf that she loosely ties differently. An oversized beige cardigan with a long hem and cuffs and pockets on both sides was affected. The one on the right shows a number of pieces of jewelry on a keychain or cellphone strap. You have to wear knee-length black socks and dark brown high-heeled dress shoes, just like the uniform shoes that students see in real schools.

After the fight with the Meta Liberation Army, Himiko was allowed to have her right eye and belong to a black eye patch. They also have a new coat, the defiant hat she gave to lose the one she heard fighting Curious.

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