Hippie Taliban Costume

  • This costume guide has been prepared just for fun, We don't recommend cosplaying as Taliban in public. Some people may think that it is offensive.

Hippie Taliban Costume

How To Dress Like the Hippie Taliban

Taliban Outfits

Dress Like the Hippie Taliban;

Hippie Taliban Dress: The Hippie Taliban wears an orange dress instead of the white dress we are used to see on old Taliban members.

Hippie Taliban Shoes: Instead of slippers most other Taliban wear, Hippie Taliban prefers more operational footwear. It is not just operational but stylish as well.

Hippie Taliban Hair: Hippie Taliban's hair is very similar to 70s-80s hippies' and rock stars'. It also looks too clean considering the situation.

Hippie Taliban Accessories: To complete your Hippie Taliban Halloween costume, don't forget a red headband and white fabric pen write whatever is written on the headband of our hippie, ray ban sunglasses, onyx ring, shemagh headscarf and finally you may want to get a toy bazooka or ak47.


Hippie Taliban Outfits

Taliban Halloween Costume

When the Taliban came into power in 1996 they banned all western items of clothing including jeans, caps, shirts. However, today's Taliban fighters abandoned their predecessors' fashion style. New Taliban or Taliban 2.0 as some call it, may want Afghanistan to be the Hippie Trail just like it was in the 70s which would be the weirdest thing ever in human history. 

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