Hitoshi Shinso Costume

Hitoshi Shinso Costume

My Hero Academia Cosplay

How To Dress Like Hitoshi Shinso From My Hero Academia

Hitoshi Shinso Halloween Costume

Dress like Hitoshi Shinso from My Hero Academia;

Hitoshi is a young man with messy, indigo blue hair that flares out in large tufts around his head and remarkably straight teeth. He has purple eyes.

During the Joint Training Arc, Hitoshi wears a prototype hero costume from the long-sleeved winter version of the U.A. PE uniform: a dark blue shirt and pants with bold white lines across the torso and down the legs forming the letters 'U' and 'A' and a white marking framed by a red line on each sleeve.

In addition, he wears a detachable, mask-like device over his mouth known as artificial vocal cords that help him activate his Quirk, a captured weapon also worn around Eraser Head's neck, and a pair of green and white sneakers.

Hitoshi Shinso Cosplay

Hitoshi Shinso Cosplay

Hitoshi is a stoic and straight-forward person with an innate ability to strike up a conversation with anyone, although he maintains a reserved and calm demeanor most of the time. He proves to be quite clever and knows just the right words to trick others into reacting to his words, giving him the ability to activate his Quirk. He doesn't seem to mind doing something treacherous if it means he can achieve victory in a fight.

Because his brainwashed quirk was perceived as evil throughout his life, Hitoshi was somewhat feared by those aware of his power and was only discriminated against for the quirk he was born with. This led him to resent those whose quirks were more associated with exploits, using Izuku Midoriya as an example, noting that someone "as blessed as he is" would never understand what it's like to have an ability like your own.


Hitoshi Shinso Halloween Costume

His downsides notwithstanding, however, Hitoshi desires to be a pro hero more than anything else, with a deep yearning to disprove those who doubt his heroic intentions. Not only does he seek to refute those who shame his abilities, he seeks to usurp students who are pursuing the pro-heroism path he has always desired.

While he stated he had no interest in making friends, Hitoshi was surrounded by many students who see him as a friend, including Izuku, Denki Kaminari, and Neito Monoma.

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