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Diy Josie McCoy Costume

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Riverdale Josie Halloween Costume

Riverdale Josie Halloween Costume

Dress like Josie McCoy from Riverdale; Josie is a young woman with rich, brown skin, dark brown eyes and thick, springy curls. She is very slim by nature and confidently shows her body shape and often dresses like a celebrity. Her clothes resemble rock star inspired styles and she has often seen sporty leather jackets, along with her typical pussycat ears. Since she left the Pussycats and traveled alone, she has not worn any Pussycat ears.

Riverdale Josie McCorn Outfits

Riverdale Josie McCorn Outfits

Josephine "Josie" McCoy was a main character from The CW's Riverdale and is a main character from Katy Keene. It is portrayed by Ashleigh Murray.

Josie is a student at Riverdale High School and was the lead singer and guitarist for her band Josie and the Pussycats. However, after secretly opting for a solo career, Valerie Brown and Melody Valentine dissolved the group. She is the daughter of Myles and Sierra McCoy, the Mayor of Riverdale.

Josie McCorn Outfits

Her father, a man of music, gave her the name Josephine and named Josie after the late singer Josephine Baker. Because of this, she often struggles to get his approval while trying to impress him. Unlike her father, Josie's mother Sierra encourages her talents much more, especially when it comes to her band and music. Both enforce "Black Excellence", especially when it comes to selecting band members.

Josie is eager and talented. She was the lead singer and guitarist for Josie and the Pussycats. She strives to excel and be the best, especially when both parents look over her shoulder at every opportunity. Her mother encouraged her to succeed and embrace herself as a strong and successful woman of color, while her father was hardly interested in her musical ambitions and saw her as nothing more than "pop music" and child's play. For this reason, she tries even more to impress him and get his approval.

Josie is also a very loving and caring person for the people she loves and cares about. Sometimes it is not perfect because when it is frustrated it tends to tell others. By the time her father was in town, she got angry with Valerie, causing Valerie to leave the band temporarily. However, Josie can also be a very gentle and caring person for the people she likes. When she heard that Archie's father was shot, she came to show her support to her girls.

With the appearance of the black hood, both Josie and her mother were nervous. The continuing feeling that the killer could strike at any time made them both extremely paranoid, more so, Josie, who had nightmares of fear and brief moments of panic. For this reason, Josie and her mother moved to the Five Seasons for their own protection.

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