K1-B0 Costume

K1-B0 Costume

You need the following items for your K1-B0 Halloween Costume:

Danganronpa Costume Ideas

How To Dress Like K1-B0 From Danganronpa

K1-B0 Danganronpa Halloween Costume

Dress like K1-B0 from Danganronpa;

Danganronpa K1-B0 Costume Armors: #1 medieval knight pair pauldron, #4 tactical airsoft vest adjustable paintball vest, #5 airsoft body armor vest adjustable tactical molle chest protector set paintball combat gear, #6 motorbike protective chest back spine armor.

Danganronpa K1-B0 Costume Suit: #2 black full body unisex adult without hood spandex stretch zentai Unitard body suit.

Danganronpa K1-B0 Costume Wig: #3 silver grey anime short layered wig.

Danganronpa K1-B0 Costume Boot: #7 black element boot.

K1-B0 Lens: #8 Blue sclera eyes.

K1-B0 Costume Gauntlet: #9 black glove conquest armor gauntlet.

K1-B0 Halloween Costume

K1-B0 Danganronpa Cosplay

K1-B0 is a robot and therefore has a fully mechanical body that is structurally designed to resemble a human in shape. His body is composed mostly of armored metal plates and wears no actual clothing, instead resembling a gakuran, a school uniform worn by male high school students.

He has four glowing buttons running from his chest to his stomach down the middle of his torso, a metal left breast pocket, and what resembles a belt around his waist with two red buttons attached.

K1-B0 is considered sexless and lacks the means to engage in reproductive functions, but nonetheless appears physically male and has a teenage voice. His face is very pale and he doesn't seem to have any skin anywhere else. His eyebrows nestle closely against his round, mechanical blue eyes, making it appear as if his brows are part of his eyes.

Thick black lines run around his eyes and down his cheeks to his chin. Its eyes can glow and glow bright yellow or blue under certain circumstances. He has a tongue, but it doesn't seem to have any purpose other than speaking since he can't actually eat anything. He has white hair that is very sharp and swept to the left along with the very large ahoge on his head.

K1-B0 possesses a very high, round, and metallic collar around his neck, with his previous school's emblem on the left side of his collar. A thin screen strip completely encloses it, displaying an ever-changing string of green text.

A softer black material completely covers his neck, but he can pull it up to cover the bottom half of his face to resemble a face mask.

The collar is usually open in the middle, but he can snap the two pieces of metal together to fully protect his neck area. He doesn't appear to have real ears, instead possessing black, headphone-shaped objects where they normally would be. He can use his ears to take recordings and play them back out loud.

It is later revealed that K1-B0's Ahoge is an antenna that receives information from Team Danganronpa in the form of an antenna, prompting him to take certain actions, with those actions being decided by polls of viewers.

He wears his original high school uniform, including a student hat. It is a plain black gakuran with white buttons in the middle and on the cuffs, and he wears black gloves. His uniform is a bit too small for him, his jacket is described as a bit too small due to the robot body underneath.

He looks more human as he lacks some of his more mechanical features like the black lines on his face and the black, earphone-shaped ears on the sides of his head.

K1-B0 Cosplay

K1-B0 is a polite and serious teenage robot who has some issues with social interactions with humans, which often makes him seem unintentionally funny. According to Kazutaka Kodaka, K1-B0 has both cute and cool qualities and is socially awkward but serious.

Despite this, K1-B0 prides itself on its form and often boasts of its wonderfulness and efficient functions, though to his great disappointment the other students never seem to find them impressive.

Its goal is to be an ordinary robot and because of this, it can offend it compared too much simpler machines. Although generally well-behaved, he is quick to resent prejudice against robots and sometimes threatens to sue people who make them. He views robots as a minority among humans and can easily become paranoid about past experiences.

He is shown to be condescending and to commit "robot-to-robot abuse" towards simpler machines such as the robots bearing Monokuma's likeness, as he only sees them as the stuffed animals that live beneath him.

K1-B0 is a maturing AI, K1-B0 learns and evolves similarly to a human, making it a unique existence. He has neither heart nor mind, he uses his calculations to speak "as if he had a heart". Despite this, he is often unable to read the mood around him and is oblivious to things, sometimes taking things very literally and occasionally insensitive.

As he takes certain subjects too seriously and cannot understand sarcasm, he is an easy target for bullying as he is easily provoked and fairly easy to read. According to Izuru Kamakura, in the Ultimate Talent Development Plan bonus mode, K1-B0 tends to rely on others in difficult situations and he becomes very nervous in bad situations overall.

This could be related to the fact that he seems to rely heavily on his guidance and may have difficulty acting without it as he has presumably always been endowed with it and which is important to let go of the thoughts and feelings and more or less to solve others must be influenced in order to be controlled.

He's also feeling a little insecure about not being able to strengthen his body on his own like a human, and needs help with maintenance and upgrades. Overall, he's a bit self-conscious about not being able to do some things that humans can, leading to him sometimes acting condescending towards humans and proclaiming that he can do a lot of things humans can't.

As the students enter the programming world, K1-B0 seems disappointed in his avatar and secretly wishes he could have a human body in the virtual world. In an existential crisis, he takes a keen interest in whether or not he is seen as a person by the safety feature of Mius' hydraulic press and electric hammers, even expressing a desire to test them on himself because of the proven risk to his humanity Value.

In one scene, he's terrified of the idea of ​​a giant mecha suddenly appearing, unaware of how ironic that fear is. He himself has also pointed out that while his existence is pretty much science fiction, he doesn't really like things and would rather be like other people than own things like rocket jets. He is very fond of Japanese culture, including Japanese food kimonos, and greyhounds.

He also feels insecure because he is too ordinary and doesn't deserve his title as the ultimate robot, so he dreams of becoming a pop star or doing another job. K1-B0 finds becoming a character with a new tragic backstory and weapons even more interesting, although he doesn't want to. In general, he has a strong desire to be accepted and to be like everyone else.

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