Kabane Kusaka Cosplay Kemono Jihen

Kusaka Kabane from Kemono Jihen (Anime) is a popular Halloween costume choice for anime fans. With his unique and edgy style, he's a standout character that's sure to turn heads at any Halloween party. Here's a fun and informative guide on how to put together your own Kusaka Kabane costume.


Kabane Kusaka Cosplay Kemono Jihen

You will need the following items for your Kabane Kusaka Halloween costume:

  1. Kemono Jihen Kusaka Kabane Cosplay Costume
  2. Kemono Jihen Kabane Kusaka Cosplay Wig
  3. Kemono Jihen Kusaka Kabane Shoes

  • Start with a black and white school uniform. Kabane wears a with a black blazer and black oversize pants.
  • Add black-white shoes. Kabane wears black dress shoes as a part of his uniform.
  • Style your hair. Kabane has a unique hairstyle with his black hair that is styled in a sharp, spiky fashion. You can use hair gel or styling products to achieve this look.
  • Wear a pair of black gloves. Kabane wears red gloves with white accents as a part of his outfit.
  • With these steps, you can easily create a Kabane Kusaka costume that is perfect for Halloween or any other cosplay event. Don't forget to perfect your Kabane Kusaka persona with his quiet and reserved personality.


How To Dress Like Kabane Kusaka From Kemono Jihen

Kabane Kusaka Cosplay Costume Kemono Jihen

Step 1: The Clothes
Kusaka Kabane's outfit is relatively simple, but it's all about the details. Start with a black long-sleeved shirt and a pair of black pants. On top of that, wear a white tunic with black accents around the collar and cuffs. Kusaka Kabane also wears a black sash around his waist, so add that as well. To finish off the outfit, wear a pair of black-white shoes.

Step 2: The Hair
Kusaka Kabane has a unique hairstyle with short, spiky hair that is slicked back. If you have shorter hair, you can style it with some gel and hairspray to achieve the look. If you have longer hair, you can purchase a wig to make things easier.

Step 3: The Attitude
Kusaka Kabane is a confident and edgy character, so make sure you embody that attitude when wearing the costume. Be bold and fearless, and don't be afraid to show off your style and personality.

With these steps, you'll have a killer Kusaka Kabane costume that's perfect for Halloween. Just remember to have fun and stay true to the character, and you'll be the life of the party.


Kabane Kusaka Halloween Costume

Kabane Kusaka Halloween Cosplay Costume

Here are some tips on how to act like Kabane Kusaka from Kemono Jihen for Halloween:

Confidence is key: Kabane is a confident and straightforward character, so be sure to emulate his body language and mannerisms. Walk tall and with purpose, and don't be afraid to speak your mind.

Be brave and protective: Kabane is known for his protective nature, especially when it comes to his friends. If you're in a group, make sure to keep an eye out for everyone and be ready to jump in and defend them if needed.

Embrace your quirks: Kabane has a bit of an oddball personality, and he's not afraid to show it. If you have any quirky habits or mannerisms, don't be afraid to embrace them and let your true self shine through.

Show your determination: Kabane is determined to protect his friends and uncover the truth about his own past. If you have a goal or a mission for the night, keep that determination at the forefront of your mind.

Channel your inner kemono: Kabane is a half-human, half-kemono hybrid, so let that influence your behavior and actions. Be in tune with your animal instincts and let that guide your movements and reactions.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the night as Kabane Kusaka from Kemono Jihen!


Kemono Jihen Cosplay

If you're going as Kabane Kusaka from Kemono Jihen this Halloween, you might want to consider putting together a group costume with other characters from the anime. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Inugami: As the main protagonist of the series, Inugami is a popular choice for a group costume. Dress in traditional Japanese clothing, with a long coat and wide-brimmed hat. Don't forget to carry a katana!
  2. Akira: Another main character, Akira is a half-human, half-bird kemono. Dress in all black, with a feathered cloak and large, black wings attached to the back. You can also wear a bird mask or create feathered makeup to complete the look.
  3. Kon: Kon is a humanoid kemono with a fox tail and ears. Dress in modern streetwear, with a white hoodie and black pants. Add fox ears and a tail, and don't forget Kon's signature necklace.
  4. Shiki: As a skilled hacker and member of the Kemono Control Division, Shiki has a distinctive look. Dress in a black suit, with a red tie and a white dress shirt. You can also carry around a laptop or smartphone to complete the costume.
  5. Mihai: Mihai is a senior member of the Kemono Control Division, with a serious and stern demeanor. Dress in a brown trench coat, with a fedora hat and black pants. Don't forget to carry a cane or other prop to complete the look.
  6. Aya Tademaru: Aya Tademaru is a character in the anime series "Kemono Jihen." "Kemono Jihen" tells the story of a group of child detectives who explore the hidden world of unusual creatures. Aya Tademaru is a young girl and a member of this child detective team. Aya is quite talented in her field, especially in uncovering ghosts. Additionally, she has a strong telekinetic ability. The character's unique abilities have made her popular among anime fans.
  7. Lady Inari: Lady Inari is a character in the Kemono Jihen anime series. She is a mysterious woman with a strong connection to the Inari goddess, who is a powerful kemono and works with humans to protect the lives of kemonos.

These are just a few ideas for a Kemono Jihen group costume. You can mix and match characters or even create your own kemono-inspired costume to join in on the fun!

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