Kabuto Yakushi Cosplay

Kabuto Yakushi Cosplay

Dress Like Kabuto Yakushi From Naruto

Kabuto Yakushi Halloween Costume

Dress like Kabuto Yakushi from Naruto;

Kabuto Yakushi Costume: Kabuto wears a sleeveless high collar shirt and matching pants. He uses a dark grey sash as a belt.

Kabuto Yakushi Cosplay Hair: Kabuto has ash-grey hair which is mostly kept in a ponytail.

Kabuto Yakushi Accessories: To complete your Kabuto Yakushi cosplay costume don't forget to get round black-rimmed glasses, blue ninja shoes, and Naruto headband and kunai set.


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Kabuto Yakushi Costume

Kabuto Yakushi

To achieve the identity of the "perfect being" that he wanted, Kabuto made a series of changes to his body prior to the fourth Shinobi World War, thereby developing a new chakra signature. The first and most notable of these modifications is to infuse oneself with the remains of Orochimaru's body, which initially gives it a larger and stronger chakra reserve. Over time, the remains change his body, making his "real" appearance very serpentine, allowing him to move quickly and swallow with his large mouth, thereby attacking targets. He usually disguises his appearance in normal-looking skin that he can shed as needed. This outer skin has a snake in its navel that can merge with the bodies of others to heal them. Kabuto can actually produce white snakes of various sizes from each of its bodies, either to act as additional attachments or to detach from it and carry out its will. These snakes can use their heightened senses to tell him the positions of the targets, possess his chakra signature, and share some of his other physical changes.

Kabuto Yakushi Cosplay Outfit

Kabuto has onyx eyes and ash gray hair that he usually holds in a ponytail. His most enduring feature is his black-rimmed round glasses that NonĊ gave him. During Part I and for much of Part II, Kabuto wears a dark purple shirt with a high collar, a white undershirt, and dark purple pants with a white fabric waistband. In Part 1 he also wears dark purple fingerless gloves with armored plates on the back of the hand and blue forehead protection. During Part II, he infuses himself with Orochimaru's remains, causing his skin around the point of application on his left arm to become white and flaky. this gradually spreads its influence to the rest of his body. In the anime's arc of power that takes place before his body is completely covered by Orochimaru's remains, Kabuto wears a black robe with a red lining and lets his hair grow long and unkempt, all of which help hide the changes to his body.

Once his body is fully converted, his appearance is very similar to that of Orochimaru, so that Sasuke initially believes that he is Uchiha Kabuto. In addition to the changes in his skin, Kabuto's eyes turn yellow with slit pupils around which there are Orochimaru's characteristic purple markings. A long, white snake also merges with his belly, which he wraps around his waist and which sometimes snakes like a tail under or behind him. Its mostly human appearance is actually a shell, as its true shape is much more serpentine, has a long body, comparatively short legs, and arms, and an elongated face. During the fourth Shinobi World War, Kabuto wears a maroon cloak with a hood that resembles the head of a snake with white, red, and yellow markings that resemble the eyes. Many years later, on his return to the orphanage, he wears typical baton clothing and again tied his hair in a ponytail, although the effects of an infusion of Orochimaru's remains appear permanent as Kabuto's body continues to resemble Orochimaru's.

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