Kaeya Costume

Kaeya Costume

You need the following items for your Kaeya halloween costume:

  1. Kaeya Cosplay Costume
  2. Kaeya Cosplay Wig
  3. Halloween Eye Patches
  4. Kaeya Cosplay Boots
  5. Kaeya Hook Earrings

Kaeya Alberich is a playable Cryo character in Genshin Impact.

Kaeya is the cavalry captain of the Knights of Favonius. Despite all his quirks and secrets, he is held in high esteem by the people of Mondstadt.

It is available for free in Archon Quest Crash Course in Prologue: Act I – The Outlander Who Caught the Wind.

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How To Dress Like Kaeya From Genshin Impact

Kaeya Cosplay

Dress like Kaeya from Genshin Impact;

Kaeya is a tall young man with a slim build and a tan complexion. His visible eye is periwinkle with long lashes and the same diamond-shaped pupil as Dainsleif. He has navy blue hair with light blue highlights accompanied by a long lock of hair that rests over his left shoulder and down to his waist. His bangs cover the right side of his face, almost hiding a plain black eye patch he's said to have inherited from his pirate grandfather.

However, it later turned out that it was a lie he told to mess with people. He is revealed to be wearing an eye patch, not because his right eye is blind, but because he was wounded by Diluc during their fight after Crepus' death; It is implied that there is a scar underneath.

Kaeya Cosplay

Kaeya Halloween Costume

He is wearing a blouse with a white collar and décolleté, which is adorned with a cape with a fur collar. He wears dark, tight-fitting trousers and knee-length boots. He also wears a loose brown belt from which his vision hangs, as well as a rope that may be meant for a scabbard to carry his sword. He wears a single earring on his left ear. His outfit, Icy Featherflight, is described as fashionable and adorned with a fur collar.

While other Mondstadt characters' visions feature three feathers per wing, Kaeya's vision features only two feathers. He is also the only one with a wing on the right side of his vision's back.

Kaeya Halloween Costume

Kaeya is an outwardly confident and charming person with a flair for drama. He is sometimes seen as easy-going and even lazy, but he takes his work seriously. He is surprisingly popular with the seniors in Mondstadt, even earning the title of "top candidate for the grandson-in-law". His charisma and determination have earned him the admiration, respect, and favor of many in Mondstadt - but his love of provoking others has also earned him the despair of those same people.

Kaeya also enjoys stressing people out and challenging their values, which he does with both his enemies and allies. He delights in the hesitation in his comrades' eyes just before they join him in battle, just as he delights in the anxious look in his enemies' eyes when they face him.

He seems to enjoy telling outright lies and convincing others to do his work, but this serves him well in his role with the Knights of Favonius. He's a self-proclaimed "anti-hero with an attitude problem"; As long as everything ends up the way he wants, Kaeya doesn't care what methods are used. However, according to his informant Vile, he draws a line against working with those who threaten other people's families because he believes they deserve to be "hunted down and destroyed."

Despite his extroversion, the Traveler has observed that he seems to struggle with loneliness, although when confronted with it he playfully distracts. He frequently reminds the traveler that they can talk to him, invites him to spend time with him, strongly offers support, and often expresses his disappointment when the traveler has to leave by showing his desire to be helpful , and his aversion to being alone.

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