Kaine Costume

NieR:Automata Kaine Costume

Dress Like Kaine From Nier:Automata

Kaine Costume

Dress like Kaine from Nier:Automata;

Kaine Outfit: Kaine wears a blue & black babydoll that barely covers her panties. The back of the babydoll is open with visible panties. She wears white panties with black loops.

Kaine Sword: Kaine dual-wields two identical swords which are black in color and have deep knurls.

Kaine Wig: Kaine has long silvery-white hair that she keeps in loop braids on right side.


Kaine Cosplay

kaine Cosplay

Kainé is a companion and tritagonist for Nier, who eventually accompanies Nier after helping her kill Hook. She is obsessed with a character who calls herself a tyrant, and because of her upbringing and tyranny with her body, she tends to be cold and cruel - although she is mostly shy and collected.
Originally born in The Aerie, Kainé is a gross person who suffers from being only half-human. Her left arm and leg, which she holds under bandage-like blankets, are those of a shadow. This hybrid form left them as outcasts, which was undesirable in villages and friends of some. In response to the harassment she received in childhood for being intersex, she liked clothing that emphasized feminine characteristics.

Kaine Halloween Costume

She has grown used to being alone, and her veneer of shyness is easily destroyed by sudden outbursts and irrational signs of violent anger. Although secretly happy to have Nier's company, she has already learned to survive on her own because of her grandmother, whom she loved dearly, her ability with twin swords, and her ability to use magic.

The only person who showed her kindness and protected her was her grandmother Kali, from whom Kainé lived her childhood and inherited her behavior. She loved and respected her grandmother, whom she accepted and treated as a woman. When she returned home one day, she met the shadow hook attacking Kali's house and had her pinned down to sadistically enjoy Kainé's desperation. Kali died in the incident and Kainé was mutilated. At that moment, the Shadow Tyrant merged with her, allowing her to live, and causing Kainé's deep hatred for Shadows.

When half of her body was taken over by Tyrant, she became possessed by shadows and gained humanly impossible combat strength and the ability to hear the shadows' voices, but she had nonetheless convinced herself that they are all evil and deserve death. Her obsession made Kainé even more haunted and lived only to get revenge, even if it meant using the powers of a shadow.

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