Kaito Momota Cosplay

Are you a Danganronpa fan looking to cosplay as the charismatic and confident astronaut, Kaito Momota? Look no further, as we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide!

Kaito Momota Cosplay Guide

You will need the following items for your Kaito Momota cosplay:

  1. Kaito Momota Cosplay Suit
  2. Kaito Momota Wig
  3. Purple Colored Contact Lenses
  4. Space & Galaxy Slippers

One of the students featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is Kaito Momota. He is known for his title, "The Ultimate Astronaut."

Get the look of Kaito Momota by dressing up in a purple dress suit, a t-shirt with kumadori design and a gray buttoned dress shirt.

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How To Dress Like Kaito Momota From Danganronpa

Kaito Momota Halloween Costume

First and foremost, Kaito's most distinguishing feature is his hair. His gel-spiked purple hair is grown out both at the top and bottom of his head, resembling a space jet coming out of a black hole. To achieve this hairstyle, you will need to use a strong hold gel or styling cream to create the spikes, and use a comb or your fingers to shape them.

Kaito's facial hair is also important to his look. He has a short goatee, which you can achieve by using a beard trimmer or scissors to trim your facial hair to the desired length.

Next up is Kaito's outfit. He wears a white t-shirt with a kumadori design stamped on it, which you can find or create yourself by printing the design onto a plain white t-shirt. On top of the t-shirt, he wears a long-sleeved dress shirt with a breast pocket. The shirt has black buttons, but they are not in use. You can find a similar shirt at most clothing stores or use a plain white button-up shirt.

Kaito's signature purple blazer is a key part of his outfit. It has a galaxy design on the inside, which is often visible as Kaito wears his left sleeve and leaves the right side of the coat to drape over his shoulder. This gives the coat a fluttering effect, showing off the space design. You can purchase a long purple blazer and add the galaxy design yourself with fabric paint or markers.

To complete the look, Kaito wears purple pants that match the color of his blazer. The pants are rolled up over his ankles, which adds a bit of personality to the outfit. You can find purple pants in most clothing stores or online. Kaito's slippers also have the same galaxy design on them, so make sure to find some purple slippers and add the design using the same method as the blazer.

Kaito's warm lilac eyes and slightly tanned complexion add to his overall charm, but those are more difficult to replicate for a cosplay. You can try using makeup to create a slightly tanned look and use purple contact lenses to mimic his eye color.

Overall, Kaito Momota's outfit is easy to replicate with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness. With these tips and a little bit of effort, you can become the ultimate space-loving astronaut and one of the most beloved characters from Danganronpa. Good luck and have fun with your cosplay!

How To Act Like Kaito Momota 

To get attention at the party as Kaito Momota, you can try to embody his passionate and energetic personality, and give encouraging speeches to others, especially those who might be feeling down. You can talk about the importance of taking risks for the sake of your dreams and not limiting yourself. Try to unite the group and be a reliable older brother type of character. You can also show interest in friendly and even romantic rivalry, but also express your true longing for space and the universe. You can make yourself stand out by wearing a bright and colorful outfit and a goatee, as Kaito thinks it gives him a glamorous celebrity vibe. Additionally, try to be a good judge of character and give correct advice at times. However, be careful not to let your stubbornness and anger cloud your judgment, and try to avoid old-fashioned opinions that may be offensive to others. Remember to have fun and be yourself while portraying this passionate and exciting character!

Kaito Momota Halloween Costume

Kodaka describes Kaito as a space jet coming out of a black hole, with a short goatee and gel-spiked purple hair. He has a lilac eye and long eyelashes. Furthermore, he has a slightly darker complexion.

Kaito wears a white t-shirt with a kumadori design printed on it. He also wears a long sleeved dress shirt with a breast pocket. The buttons on this shirt are not being used. He wears a long, purple jacket with a galaxy design on the inside. Kaito always wears his coat with the left sleeve on the outside and the right side hanging down, so that the space design shows.

His blazer is rolled up over his ankle and he wears purple pants. Kaito wears slippers with the same design on them.

He has a coat draped over both of his shoulders and a pipe that resembles Kiseru in his promotional art.

The uniform of his previous high school is worn in the prologue. He wears a blue button-up shirt and a yellow button-up shirt underneath it. It is also poorly assembled. His pants match the top part of his uniform, and his shoes are worn outside. He still has his hair styled the way it is during the killing game, for some unknown reason.

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