Kazuha Costume

Kazuha Costume

You need the following items for your Halloween Kazuha costume:

  1. Kazuha Wig
  2. Kazuha Cosplay Costume
  3. Redout Halloween Eyes
  4. Kazuha Sword
  5. Kazuha Cosplay Shoes

How To Dress Like Kazuha From Genshin Impact

Kazuha Halloween Costume

Kazuha Costume by Genshin Impact;

Kazuha is a young man with choppy, medium-length hair that is partially tied into an eccentric ponytail on the right side. It's a platinum blonde color apart from a single orange-red streak on the right side. He has red eyes with a yellow tint below and he usually has a gentle facial expression.

Kazuha's outfit, Falling Leaves, is said to feature maple leaf patterns, which are the hallmark of his wandering samurai attire. It consists of a gray kimono with short sleeves and a black haori coat. Half of the cloak is usually worn on his left arm, with a flowing orange sleeve decorated with orange and red maple leaves, while the other half is draped behind his waist and secured by an obi belt he wears over it.

Kazuha Cosplay

Kazuha Cosplay

Kazuha costume consists of many accessories. He wears a black and red scarf with gold accents and a slanted belt that runs under his right arm and over his left shoulder where his Anemo Vision is attached at the back. The vision is tied to a red tassel decoration and is near a samurai shoulder plate. He wears red hakama pants with a maple leaf pattern and black sandals with burgundy tights and a black piece of leather on both legs, reaching from below his kneecaps to his feet.

He wears black glove plates protecting the backs of his hands and left forearm. Instead, his right hand is bandaged, although this has not been the case in the past. A possible result of this change was that after taking his friend's vision, the last of his energy burned his hand as he fled, although it is not known if this is how visions work. Another possible reason is that bandages generally protect against constant sword use and Kazuha should have taken better care of his hands at the time of the switch.

Halloween Kazuha Costume

Kazuha is a polite and articulate person. Compared to other noble members of the Inazuman clan, Kazuha prefers to go out and travel rather than stay indoors, which allowed him to have his clan home confiscated due to a lack of wealth and duties. He roamed Inazuma peacefully as a humble wanderer for a good part of his life, teaching himself blade craft and other skills without seeking luxury.

He is instead easily content simply to sleep on a sun-warmed rock. Being outdoors puts him in tune with nature and the wind, and he can “hear” and “smell” everything around him with absolute clarity. He can sense danger, read people, and spot them on the fly, no matter how well they try to hide them. Because of this sensitivity, he prefers calm weather and never stays in one place for too long, having trouble sleeping for the former and letting his abilities stagnate for the latter.

Kazuha is determined in his goals and pursues them with thoroughness and cunning, but he also takes his time and is easy-going. He is very thoughtful and thoughtful in all matters and often ponders various subjects during his travels. He values ​​his connections, comes out of hiding for his friend instantly, and is forever grateful to Beidou and Gorou for taking him in when he needed protection. Kazuha frequently warns others of upcoming storms and potential troubles, enjoys running simple errands, offers advice, and is willing to help others.

As befits his Anemo affiliation, Kazuha firmly believes in a concept of freedom - that everyone is entitled to their hopes and dreams and that no one has the right to take them, not even a god. Because of this, he opposes the Raiden Shogun and his followers. Despite his values, he is not proud and can appreciate the strong fighting prowess and honorable conduct of those with whom he personally disagrees. He sees his friend's duel as honorable and noble, but also that his subsequent execution by the shogun was fair and justified.

He was saddened by his friend's death and didn't want to speak to any of his crew members after joining the Crux, but eventually, he warmed to them and according to Beidou, he's quite talkative.

Kazuha has a very poetic side, he enjoys writing haiku in his spare time and is easily inspired, although he claims he is not particularly gifted at it. Having traveled many places and sailed extensively, Kazuha has developed a particular fondness for readily available grilled fish and takes the time to slowly prepare and finish his meal. While not fussy about what he eats, he does not appreciate hasty meals or lazy cooking methods.

His most prized possession is his sword, which he always carries with him, a source of pride for Kazuha as both an Inazuman and a samurai. He is also incredibly fond of red maple leaves, thinks they are beautiful, and enjoys watching the rain in the fall. When he cannot see such sights, he often collects and carries them as souvenirs to ease homesickness.

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