Kazuya Shibuya Naru Costume

Kazuya Shibuya Naru Costume

You need the following items for your Kazuya Shibuya Naru Halloween costume:

  1. Black Long Trench Coat
  2. Black Shirt
  3. Black Chino Pant
  4. Black Business Suit Jacket
  5. Black Short Wig
  6. Brown Penny Loafers

Not all things inconvenient are limited to bad things.

-Kazuya Shibuya Naru


How To Dress Like Kazuya Shibuya Naru From Ghost Hunt

Kazuya Shibuya Naru Cosplay

Dress like Kazuya Shibuya Naru;

Kazuya Shibuya Naru Costume: For your Kazuya Shibuya Naru Halloween costume, you will need a black long trench coat, black shirt, black business suit jacket and heel brown Penny loafers.

Kazuya Shibuya Naru Accessories: To complete your Kazuya Shibuya Naru, don't forget to get a black short wig.


Kazuya Shibuya Naru Halloween Costume

Kazuya Shibuya Naru Halloween Costume

Kazuya Shibuya Naru is the owner of Shibuya Psychic Research. He is known to be pessimistic, narcissistic and very confident in his work and himself. He hires Mai Taniyama as an aide after the events in the old school building next to his school. The reason behind hiring him is "empathy". Mai's school principal had told Naru that Mai was an orphan and was in his situation at one point. Naru decided to give him a job. Little was discussed or revealed about him until the end of the manga, which revealed that Naru's true identity was British researcher Oliver Davis from the original SPR.

Naru generally has a cold, narcissistic, analytical, intelligent and rational personality. He has little tolerance for weakness. However, he shows genuine respect for people's talents and skills. It is shown as very competitive, especially in volume. 9 When you destroyed Orikiri-sama but were not interested in meaningless competition. In volumes 6 and 7, he makes it clear that he only took the case to expose Miami Psychic Research's fraud because he asked him to do so, even though it damaged Madoka's reputation. Kazuya Shibuya Naru has usually always been alone and has a funny side, but it doesn't show it as much as the other characters in the manga.

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