Kento Nanami Costume

Kento Nanami Costume

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How To Dress Like Kento Nanami From Jujutsu Kaisen

Kento Nanami Halloween Costume

Dress like Kento Nanami from Jujutsu Kaisen;

Nanami is a tall, well built man with blond hair styled in a neat parting. Nanami has very thin eyebrows as well as small eyes that are usually hidden by his signature sunglasses, which don't have temples that wrap around his ears.

As befits a former office worker, Nanami usually wears a business suit. His usual suit consists of a white shirt under a tan blazer with matching trousers and light shoes. A holster is attached to his shirt, concealing Nanami's blunt sword, hidden behind his blazer. He also wears a tie that features the same polka dot pattern as the bandages around his blunt sword.

Kento Nanami Cosplay

Kento Nanami Cosplay

Kento Nanami is a supporting character in Jujutsu Kaisen. He was a former student of Tokyo Jujutsu High, where he was a student of Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto. Nanami dropped out of jujutsu college after graduating as a clerk, but returned four years later to continue working as a jujutsu magician.

During her work as a high jujutsu magician, Nanami was ranked rank 1 and mainly operated out of the Tokyo campus. With Satoru's introduction, he also became a close mentor to Yuji Itadori.

Kento Nanami Halloween Costume

A very wise and reserved man, Nanami often appears so calm and indifferent that he comes across as stoic and distant. He seems like someone who takes his job too seriously, but Nanami just knows how to separate sentimentality from service. He is outspoken and gets straight to the point in most conversations, unconcerned about impractical optimism or problems of interpretation.

Also, Nanami is very eager and is quick to express his irritation, either on his face or verbally with his words. Nanami is often very impatient. He hates overtime and takes it very seriously not to go a minute beyond what is asked of him.

Beneath his tough exterior, Nanami is actually quite sociable and doesn't mind intelligent conversation. He's practical and overly serious to an almost comedic point, occasionally too. He claims he only became a jujutsu wizard because it was a little less idiotic than being an employee. In the role of one of Yuji's mentors, Nanami is a great contrast to Satoru, who is far more outspoken and easy-going. Yuji and Satoru describe Nanami as "gloomy" and the former didn't initially believe they would get along.

Nanami is just a normal man burdened by the mundane practices of life that stole his youth from him. Nanami doesn't believe that old age or life-threatening experiences propel one into adulthood. Instead, he feels that it's the accumulation of all of life's little inconveniences that makes people grow up. He initially treated Yuji like a child because he didn't want to see him give up his youth to become a jujutsu magician. However, Yuji eventually proved himself and forced Nanami to acknowledge him.

Nanami knows that being a jujutsu magician is a dangerous and demanding job for crazy people, and that's why he has a hard time respecting people in this profession. Although Nanami and Satoru are longtime friends, the former claims that he disrespects Satoru despite their mutual trust. He went from clerk to magician because he never really felt valued and didn't believe his work had a significant impact on anyone. In contrast, working as a magician allowed him to build respect for innocent people. For Nanami, that was more than enough to live without regrets.

Nanami had a similar, but of course less mature personality when he was a student at Jujutsu High. He viewed missions as a burden, but his negativity was always offset by his classmate Yu Haibara's extreme optimism. Haibara's death hit Nanami hard, and likely played a role in his initial decision to leave life as a jujutsu magician behind. One of the reasons he thinks jujutsu magicians are trash is that they have to force their comrades to accept that they have to sacrifice themselves willingly. He acknowledges that this is what prompted him to "run away" from the profession, admitting it's a more appropriate expression than suggesting he's "quitting". Nanami would like to believe that he was never frustrated with his own uselessness, but many of his mistakes haunt him, such as letting Haibara die.

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