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Riverdale Kevin Costume

Riverdale Kevin Costume

Dress like Kevin Keller from Riverdale; Kevin is an incredibly handsome young teenager with an athletic figure standing around 6'0 (180cm) He has short dark brown hair and light green eyes. He often wears buttons and polo shirts.

Riverdale Kevin Outfits

Riverdale Kevin Outfits

Kevin Keller was originally a recurring character in the first season of The CW's Riverdale. Since then, he's been promoted to a regular series for season two. He is portrayed by Casey Cott.

Riverdale Kevin Keller Outfits

Kevin is a senior at Riverdale High School and Betty Cooper's best friend. At the same time he became Veronica's G.B.F. (Gay best friend). Kevin also struggles with his sexuality because he doesn't have the same opportunities as his friends. For this reason, this often leads to Kevin sometimes acting unscrupulously. He has an appointment with Joaquin and Moose Mason, but Joaquin has left Riverdale to split up.

Kevin is a nice, loyal, very sociable and charismatic student who knows the social scene of Riverdale very well. As an openly gay teenager, Kevin speaks freely about other types in public and has shown that he is also interested in fashion. He tends to make very clear and honest statements about the people and events in the series. However, the fact that Kevin has admitted to struggling with his sexuality often leads to him being careless at times.

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