Killua Zoldyck Costume

Hunter X Hunter Killua Zoldyck Costume

You need the following items for your Killua Zoldyck cosplay costume:

  1. Hunter x Hunter Killua Zoldyck Cosplay Costume
  2. Killua Zoldyck Wig
  3. Dragon Yo-Yo
  4. Pentagram Sticker (Stick on Yo-Yo)
  5. Boxing Bandage
  6. Killua Zoldyck Boots


Dress Like Killua Zoldyck From Hunter X Hunter

Dress Like Killua Zoldyck From Hunter X Hunter

Dress like Killua Zoldyck from Hunter X Hunter;

Killua Zoldyck Cosplay Costume:  Killua wears a turtleneck long-sleeve sweater and a dirty white t-shirt. He wears baggy shorts.

Killua Zoldyck Cosplay Shoes: Killua wears purple & grey boots.

Killua Zoldyck Wig: Killue has spiky silver hair.

Killua Zoldyck Accessories: To complete your Killlua cosplay costume don't forget to get his yo-yo or you can use a regular yo-yo and stick pentagram stickers on it.

Killua Zoldyck Cosplay Costume

Killua Zoldyck Cosplay Costume

Killua has silver spiky hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. His eyes change shape depending on the mood, narrowing and sharpening when he switches to assassination mode. Killua is quite slim at the beginning of the series due to the constant physical condition and torture training he received at a young age. Over time, he will become more muscular and firmer. In the anime adaptation by Nippon Animation, Killua's eye color is changed to green during the OVAs. He is also often seen holding a green skateboard.

Killua Zoldyck Halloween Costume

Killua usually wears baggy clothing, with his usual clothing consisting of long-sleeved and dark shirts. Most of his clothes have a turtleneck. Killua wears long, baggy shorts in the animated adaptation of Manga and Madhouse, but Nippon Animation's character design shortened them to below the knees. Killua also wears purple boots, which are colored brown and black in the Nippon Animation adaptation.

As a child, Killua's hair is long and falls almost to the shoulders. He wore a hoodie with his signature blue color, gray pants, and shoes.

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