Kokomi Costume

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Kokomi Costume

You need the following items for your Kokomi Halloween costume:

  1. Kokomi Wig
  2. Purple Flash Sclera Eyes
  3. Kokomi Cosplay Costume
  4. Kokomi Cosplay Shoes
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How To Dress Like Kokomi From Genshin Impact

Kokomi Halloween Costume

Dress like Kokomi from Genshin Impact;

Kokomi is a young woman. She Has long, light salmon-colored hair with light blue ends. Her hair is tied in a ponytail and held up with indigo fin-like embellishments. Her irises are gradient from pink below to dark indigo above and lack distinct pupils.

Her clothing is primarily navy, indigo, and white. She wears a navy blue kimono-like coat with white accents that resemble waves. The ends of her sleeves are ruffled and adorned with scallop-like details, while the hem at the top is scalloped like flippers. On each of her upper arms is a coral-colored bow adorned with a pearl. A similar bow is at the bottom of her sleeves and is attached to indigo tassels. On her back, she has two large white bows wrapped around a red bow, with three bows all held in place with a large purple shell. She also has two fin-like coattails that fade from purple to salmon in color.


Kokomi Cosplay

Kokomi Cosplay

Kokomi wears a cream bodysuit under her coat, which ends with shorts that have scalloped hems. Her belly is uncovered and adorned with a light blue gem. The sides have cutouts with light blue bows and beads and are tied with her thigh-high stockings. These stockings feature a darker lilac scalloped hem and a diamond cutout at the top.

The front of her bodysuit features a large navy blue bow with white stripes over two purple drapes with lighter purple stripes and red and blue accents. Your Hydro Vision is located in the center of the bow.


Kokomi Halloween Costume

She wears white mittens and two beads on each hand. She also wears Geta-like sandals, featuring navy blue soles with light purple detailing, coral-colored straps, and a blue bow with a bead for each shoe. Around her neck, she wears a large choker in navy blue and indigo with jagged edges. In the center of the choker is a round blue gemstone with an indigo shell on each side. Hanging from this blue gem are three blue cord loops and a blue teardrop-shaped gem.

As the divine priestess of Watatsumi Island, Kokomi handles almost all affairs on the island itself. Not content with such a burden and dear to the military advisor, she nonetheless accepts the mantle of bringing hope and hope to her people, bestowing upon them the happiness that is deserved. Like Jean, Kokomi burns out easily when completing her chores and tries to hide them from others so as not to upset them.

Kokomi not only handles all sorts of affairs but is also an experienced strategist who thinks through all sorts of scenarios and how to deal with them because she reads a lot of military books, although she also enjoys reading occasionally. Kujou Sara notes that her planning prevented the Tenryou Commission from claiming full victory over Watatsumi's army. She continues this habit outside of military affairs. Because of the role she plays, she is universally loved by her people.

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