Leon Danganronpa Costume Famous 18

Leon Danganronpa Costume

How To Dress Like Leon From Danganronpa

Leon - Danganronpa Cosplay

Dress like Famous Leon from Danganronpa;

Leon Halloween Costume: White leather biker jacket, white rock motorcycle retro jacket, 505 regular fit jeans, white funny t-shirt, white v-neck t-shirts, white sneaker black sole, white platform boot.

Leon Accessories: Studded belt, punk rock belt, dark orange anime wigs, fake orange beard, rings, padlock necklace, blue-gray lenses.

Leon Halloween Costume

Leon - Danganronpa Halloween Costume

Leon appears to be a young high school teenager at Trigger Happy Havoc. He has spiked hair dyed orange, a goatee tied in a small ponytail, and blue eyes. He is wearing a white jacket with the collar turned up.

He wears a white t-shirt with a red skull design, black jeans and white platform shoes. He has a chain with padlock, two overlapping belts with studs, rings. He wears a regular baseball jersey with his number 18 and surname Kuwata on the back. He wore "supportive gym shorts" during his school days.

It is a typically sporty black men's boxer short. Ultimate Summer Camp consists of a white hoodie with a gray conifer pattern left open revealing his chest and stomach. He also wears red Bermuda shorts that turn black towards the bottom.

Leon Cosplay

He's pretty arrogant. He talks about his popularity and dreams of becoming even more famous. He sees himself as a "future superstar" 18. He hinted that he wasn't actually very good at being a musician and why he wanted it. He claimed being a musician was the key to being popular. He briefly considered becoming an actor instead.

Leon is a hot-blooded young teenager. He was slacking off from studying and baseball practice. His baseball skills were not affected due to his status as Ultimate Baseball Star. He was already talented, so he hated practicing.

He seems confused about his own motivations and feelings regarding the matter. He was quite bitter about how people kept making him play baseball. Due to his natural talent, he follows the traditions of the sport, although his all-new goals and looks are at least partly a form of rebellion.

He has a natural physical gift. So he has no sense or pleasure in practicing. He considered very difficult and unusual tricks to be easy. Not fully realizing how tough the wager he had made with Kanon really was, he had some trouble empathizing with people who lacked such talent.

He hated baseball very much and despite his talent was very determined to change his current title to Ultimate Musician. He found baseball gross and uncool, he often tended to complain about some things without being asked by others.

Leon has a strong interest in girls. He boasts of his great success with the women of Makoto. He was indeed a "gambler" with a new girl who stayed with him every few days. He flirts with girls every time. He is considering studying "the secret of women's success." He just talked about how hot girls are.

Leon is an optimist who wants to get better at everything he does. When he gets nervous or intimidated, Leon smiles sheepishly and opens his right mouth wider. He can seem offended and agitated easily. When asked how he managed to style his hair, he was immediately annoyed and automatically accused Makoto of making fun of it.

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