Light Yagami Costume

Light Yagami Costume

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How To Dress Like Light Yagami From Death Note

Light Yagami Halloween Costume

Dress like Light Yagami from Death Note; Light Yagami costume consists of white dress shirt, khaki blazer, olive pant, Light Yagami cosplay wig, black belt and red tie, to complete your Light Yagami costume look don't forget to get red shinigami eyes, death note notebook and red apples.

Light Yagami Halloween Costume

Light Yagami Cosplay Costume

Light Yagami is the main character of the Death Note series. After discovering the death certificate, he decides to use it to liberate the criminal world. The Japanese ultimately describe his murders as the work of "Kira".

Light Yagami Cosplay

Light Yagami is a young man who is taller than average and has light brown hair and brown eyes. While Part I, when he doesn't wear a school uniform consisting of a light brown suit and a red tie, he dresses more casually and sometimes wears a shirt under a jacket or sweater with a V-neck and a T-shirt with a collar underneath , In Part II, he wears a suit if he is not wearing a similar style of clothing.

He is considered pretty good looking, a trait that has been noticed by Misa Amane and Kiyomi Takada among others.

In 2003 (2006 in anime), Light Yagami found a mysterious notebook on the floor in his school. The words "Death Note" are on the cover. The Death Note's instructions say that if a person's name is written in it, that person will die. Light is initially skeptical about the authenticity of the notebook, but after experimenting with it, Light realizes that the Death Note is real.

After thinking a lot about whether to continue using the notebook or not, he realizes that no one else can bear the burden of improving the world. Light then meets the previous owner of the Death Note, a Shinigami named Ryuk. He explains his reasons for dropping the death notice in the human world, and when it is time for light to die, he will be the one to write the name of the light in his notebook. The light then tells him of his goal to get rid of all bad people in the world and to rule over them as God.

The murders of light reach monumental proportions and attract the attention of the detective master known as L. The first conflict between Light and L takes place on television, starting with the broadcast by Lind L. Tailor. L places Tailor on TV as a decoy to outsmart Light, with the network indicating that the show broadcasts worldwide.

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